#PlayApartTogether 🎨 Fan Art Contest: Finalists for Poem or Song Category [Voting Closed - Winners Announced!]

Finalists for Poem or Song Category

EDIT (29 Jul): Voting ended - thank you all for participating! Check out the winners here .

Poem # 1

The Ballad of The Lords Of The North II
A True Story

If you fancy stories of triumph and grit
Slow down for a moment and come have a sit
And hear of the batch
Created from scratch
In search of a much better fit

A small group of fighters, effective and deft
Who gave every battle their bravery’s best
Were stuck in a clan
Without any plan
Whose leadership seemingly left

A goal was proposed to go make a fresh start
And launch a new squad based on courage and heart
The idea was plain:
To find real gain
These renegades soon would depart

Just two months ago, now it’s been almost three
A plan went in motion with all who agreed
And our founders struck out
Fed up with the drought
Of old leaders non activity

A team was established, not large but intent
On building upon what they’ve all underwent
With fun at the center
Of this new adventure
‘Active but chill’ is what we’d represent

The battle flag planted, our spirits were hearty
Time to call others to come join the army
“If you love the fight,
Whatever your might,
You’re welcome, dear soldier, beside me”

The reason we formed would catch great attention
From others caught up in the same situation
Our origin tale
Of leadership fail
Was theirs too, many would mention

The first group was six, and then came five more
Many lone wolves also knocked on the door
Then a four-person fam
Rolled up in a van
Seeking more action than what came before

Others had stories of opposite relish
Their alliance had gotten just too overzealous
The grind had no buffer
Their happiness suffered
They just want to play, they would tell us

There were new players, mid games, a few two-year vets
A cross-cut of gamers and levels, and yet
We all came to play
So don’t get in the way
Or then you’ll know why we’re a threat

We’re proud our development came in defiance
Of ‘required minimums’ leaderboard guidance
And happily grew
From out of the stew
Of languishing zombie alliances

So went the rise of The Lords Of The North
By basing a player’s most valuable worth
Not just in their stats
Or time in combat
But their love of the game going forth

And if you see yourself in our birds of a feather
You’re welcome to join us regardless of whether
You’re new or you’re old,
As long as you’re bold,
We can all play apart but together

by @Disposable

Poem # 2

The Dark Forest

In dark forest, just behind the trees… can you hear it? Someone whispering and discussing important things!

Wind is blowing, just upon the grass… It’s the battle tactic, how to smash other clans! And after that, how in fame and glory, get all the treasures that they were hoarding!

We will use all the stuff to grow the dark Forest, boost our soldiers and become the number one clan in Empire & Puzzles.

Next level up, another titan down, we have no mercy, this is how we are!

We’re afraid of no one, no one can beat us, we stand for everyone that is with us.

If you need a hint, we’re happy to help, like a big family, always here for you.

Just knock on one of the trees, we will let you in, open up the gates and make you never want to leave.

Enough talking, war is coming, sit around the fire and speak of our desires. Szaman the great master will guide you through the tactic, together we shall triumph and be victorious ones.

Prove your worth, just be active, promotion awaits, it’s in your reach, become an elder, and help guide others, once and forever Dark Forest soldier.

by @Kaelas

Poem # 3

Das Land in Not, die Horden wüten
und man vergaß die alten Mythen.
Die Reiche waren ohne Helden,
wer sollte einen die 3 Welten?
Die Burgen waren längst verlassen,
nur noch Elend in den Gassen.
Ein Licht ging auf im dunklen Turm
und bracht vor
:crossed_swords: VALHALLAS STURM :crossed_swords:
Die Tapfersten, aus Licht geboren,
wurden für die Schlacht beschworen.
Gemeinsam zog man durch das Land,
der Gegner wurde überrannt.
Die dunklen Horden sind geschlagen
und Licht wird in die Welt getragen.
Titane finden schnell den Tod,
gekämpft wird bis zum Morgenrot.
Noch heute steh`n sie Seit an Seit,
jederzeit zur Schlacht bereit.
Der Morgen graut, der Tag wird heller,
gemeinsam zieht man in den Keller.
Bei wahrlich rauschendem Gelage,
feiert man die neuen Tage.
Geehrt vom Volk in neuen Sagen,
wird auch der letzte Feind geschlagen.

Google translate:

The country in need, the hordes rage and the old myths were forgotten. The rich were without heroes, who should the 3 worlds be? The castles had long since been abandoned, only misery in the streets. A light rose in the dark tower and brought before VALHALLAS STORM The bravest, born of light, were summoned for battle. Together they went through the country, the enemy was overrun. The dark hordes are beaten and light is carried into the world. Titans quickly find death, fighting continues until dawn. Even today they stand side by side, ready for battle at any time. The morning dawns, the day becomes brighter, together you move into the basement. With a truly roaring feast, you celebrate the new days. Honored by the people in new sagas, even the last enemy is struck.

by @Maze_80

Poem # 4

Only the braves ventures in QC_Mtl, Monteregy’ alliance

And to our saint Gral you must show no defiance

Petrocorian or Azn; feels free to joined

But be warned there is no plush in this alliance, no chihuahua in our war

Those who dare will leave with a scar

Cause in the shadow, lurks a wereworlf,

A Greywolf, and even a fox ready

to turn enemies into dog’s gravy

Replacing tiles in Nordic order

Be ready to destroy 500 titans like Qwertyjr7Rodgden or just as fast as your fingers slipped on the keyboard

Trust me you won’t be bored

Blessed by a fairy named PixieTrixie

Beware of our Valkyries

Caro, Maria and Steph choose who may die and who may live

And to stay in our team loyalty and time, you must give

Just like Jobsinator and Dave his evil twin

Follow the path of valor and shoot Goose to win

Whether you’re are a ninja, an ambassador, a Jesser or just a typical John

We can offer you a shelter don’t wait till dawn

You may be one click away to your bestie

If this poem appeals you, join our family!


by @SinShadow

Poem # 5

Google translate:
Join the Tanker!!

On the eve of sunny May
In the April gloom of corona quarantine,
We in Tanker - warm and joyful!

Hear our call, friend! Come to our alliance
Share random loot obtained by the team!

In the ranks of fans awaiting Malosi and Clarica feel free to Join!

Surrender to the farm, behold the essence of military tactics,
Use slippers to zero, do not spend on titanium,
And cheerfully bring your own to the tops!

by @VsolodskayaTanker

Poem # 6

#PlayApartTogether Альянс -=МАФИЯ=-™
И снова проигрыш в войне, и убежавший титан.
Ты к нам в альянс приходи, коли от этого устал.
Здесь мы поможем тебе, здесь мы на помощь придем.
В войне мы победим, титана быстро прибьём.
Советом поделимся, тонкости расскажем,
Альянс МАФИЯ, всем силу свою покажет.

Google translate:
#PlayApartTogether Alliance - = MAFIA = - ™ And again, a loss in the war, and the titan who escaped. Come to our alliance, if you’re tired of it. Here we will help you, here we will come to the rescue. In the war we will win, we will quickly kill the titanium. We’ll share our advice, tell you the subtleties, the Mafia Alliance, it will show its strength to everyone.

by @Wer4ik

Poem # 7

In Empires&Puzzles lots of modes to play.
You can be successful even with no pay.

In the isolation follow day’s routine.
Don’t be alone, find a friendly team!

Fight alliances, monsters. It is not a trash.
Play apart together! Come to “Titan Smash”!

by @SuuriKoira


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Didn’t you want to include all poems? @Petri

Mine is sadly missing. I totally understand if it didn’t make the cut for finalists but it is a bit confusing…


Was about to ask the same.

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Wish there is choice to place in the order of 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

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I didn’t estend myself the other day because I was tired, but well. I would like to point that I personally feel there was a lack of clarity with this otherwise wonderful initiative. First, I asumed post should be done in english, because of forum rules, my poem would surely be better in spanish. Second, the process of selecting the finalists was slow, and we did not have any info about the progress of it. Third, as other players stated, the @Petri quote I have added at the beginning of my post was just a bit misleading in its wording, and make some of us confused. So, just to aboid an unnecesary disapointment, I would love a clarification from the staff. That’s all, please, I’m sure you have very valid reasons to act as you have. Gave us a kind answer, so we could all stay content. :grin: :+1: :+1: :+1: :pray:

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Hi, yes we decided to make a shortlist instead of adding all the entries for voting as there were more than 10 entries. These finalists were selected by us and our moderator team. :slight_smile:

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Soo, and the videos category?

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Probably around Christmas next year

Wow I completely missed this. I blame GTV fatigue.

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We have extended voting time until Tuesday 28th, so you still have a chance to vote your favourites!

The shortlist of video entries will be up for voting after this round! :slight_smile:


Voting has now closed and the winners announced! Thank you all for voting for your favorites. :slight_smile:

Congratulations @Disposable, @Maze_80 & @SinShadow! :clap: :clap:


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