#PlayApartTogether 🎨 Fan Art Contest: Finalists for Digital (static) & Handdrawn Categories [Winners Announced!] [Updated]

EDIT (9 June): Voting ended - thank you all for participating! Check out the winners here.

Our jury, including special guest judges (Small Giant Games artists), have now reviewed each entry. It wasn’t easy, but we have narrowed down the list to 10 finalists in each category! Judging was based on creativity, skill, and best representation of Empires & Puzzles. Thank you ALL for participating! :hugs:

It’s your time to choose the winners, vote for your favorite now! Voting is open until 2020-06-09T09:00:00Z.

For the Video & Poem/song categories we received less entries, so we will open voting for all entries after this round.


1st Category: Digital (Static)


2nd Category: Hand-drawn


We would like to apologize for the confusion and clarify our selection process.

Every entry was gathered, from all platforms, and saved to a file. We then enlisted two Small Giant artists to select a shortlist for the Forum to vote on.

Although this is an Alliance Recruitment Ad contest, we did not specify in the Rules that entries had to have details about the Alliance in the actual drawing or photo. Perhaps this was a mistake on our part, but we wanted to make sure we got a broad range of entries.

We do always try to only select original art. No artist wants their image used and not given credit. In our rush to post the finalists, we dropped the ball on this final step. For that, we apologize.

We have now replaced the two that did not comply with the original art Rule with two that, as far as we have been able to find, are original works. The two we added had made it to our shortlist but had just missed the cut.

Due to this, we will need to restart the voting, as the Forum does not allow us to edit polls. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by this, and to the other finalists.


@Ray funny work, thanks.

We have extended the voting until next week, so vote now if you haven’t done so yet!

Original foreign language

Colegas quiero sacar y plantear las sensaciones que me a dejado este Fan Art.
La idea de este concurso esta genial, dejar que los jugadores expresen a travez del arte sean carteles ,dibujos , poecia o fuere la forma que mas les acomodara es increible. El tener y idea y plasmarla es fantástico .
Pero veo incongruencia en la idea que se planteó que era " reclutamiento " y veo en algunas selecciones que esto no existe .
Veo tambien en ninguna parte se especificara que no podian ser montajes y me refiero a tener una serie de imágenes y hacer un collage o montaje. Dejó a un lado obras que fueron compartidas y trataban de imágenes con algún texto que para mi no tenían mucho mérito .
Escucho o leo en algún entrada "la seleccion fue en bace del espiritu del juego " y me preguntó cual es , si no se plantea en las baces del concurso o alguna mirada hacia donde tendriatendría que apuntar las creaciones .
Despues de 20 dias aproximadamente de cerrado el concurso se da una lista que al final no es la correcta .
Y encerio comprendo y soy empatico que pudo aver algún tipo de error .
Pero despues , y ahora hablo de los trabajos que yo cree , de tener 5 entradas o obras porque eso son obras mías claro yo tome imagenes de distintos lados y plasme mi idea no tiene meritos esto ? . Despues de terminado el concurso se dan a conocer detalles sobre lo que no o si puede ser aceptado.
Muy buena idea con muchos errores en su ejecución.
Y con esto sólo quiero plantear lo que siento .


Colleagues, I want to get out and raise the feelings that this Fan Art has left me.
The idea of ​​this contest is great, to let the players express through art be posters, drawings, poetry or whatever form would best suit them is incredible. Having and idea and capturing it is fantastic.
But I see incongruity in the idea that was raised that it was “recruitment” and I see in some selections that this does not exist.
I also see nowhere was it specified that they could not be montages and I mean having a series of images and making a collage or montage. He left aside works that were shared and were about images with some text that for me did not have much merit.
I listen to or read in some post “the selection was based on the spirit of the game” and he asked me what it is, if it is not raised in the competition’s tricks or some look at where I would have to point the creations.
After approximately 20 days of closing the contest a list is given that in the end is not correct.
And I really understand and I am empathetic that he could see some kind of error.
But later, and now I am talking about the works that I create, of having 5 entries or works because those are my works, of course I take pictures from different sides and express my idea. Doesn’t this have merit? . After the contest is over, details are disclosed about what is not or if it can be accepted.
Very good idea with many errors in its execution.
And with this I just want to state what I feel.



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Voting has now ended and we have picked the winners based on the community votes!

Congratulations @Toum10, @Red-Fox, @Brenna85, @dile, @Eebanen, and @xanaxandcheese! :clap: :clap:


I would like to thank everyone on behalf of myself and my alliance for voting.
Thanks for all the artists and E&P crew for making this contest happen :slight_smile:
Stay safe and #PlayApartTogether :orange_heart:


Thank you for this contest. It was a great pleasure to participate and it entertain me during confinement.
I love you all those who voted for me :smiley:


Thnx for everyone, who voted for our alliance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It was a wonderful contest with a lot of beautiful artworks. I was really enjoying, when I created my art :slightly_smiling_face:


I would like to thank the organizers of the competition, everyone who took part in it and all those who voted for my work. You are all fantastic! Thank you :heart:
Stay safe and health
Best wishes to all of you :hugs:


Is it each mounth competition?

Thank you to the organizers, judges, artists, and those who voted! Shout out to my alliance gay wolves. It’s a fun contest and a creative opportunity! I’m looking forward to seeing other rounds of works and excited for more fun contests in the future.


@Eebanen alas, I cast my vote somewhere else, but congratulations.

Really, I wanted to say awesome avatar!!! That there’s a pure winner. Is that the making of a Brienne movie, your alter ego, or what @Aquaginera_7DD looks like in real life? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Definitely the latter one. :joy:


It is my Brienne cosplay! :smiley:
And thank you :orange_heart:


Congratulations @Toum10 @Red-Fox @Brenna85 @dile @Eebanen @xanaxandcheese! Awesome Artworks!

@Petri Would you consider adding the PlayApartTogether avatar to the rewards for the Winners? It is the #PlayApartTogether fan contest afterall and all the winners deserve it.


Thank you loki :smile:. And SG if you could add guardian jackal in the reward too, if its possible :rofl:


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