#PlayApartTogether 🎨 Fan Art Contest: Finalists for Digital (static) & Handdrawn Categories [ARCHIVED TOPIC]

The arrows were for requirements to join I think it was a good set up they did several different ones but alliance picked this one says tons about them and their leader soooo I picked my favorite


I have nothing against your personal choice. You can like anything you want. I don’t understand the SG selection criteria


Thank you. Dont you want a kiss first?


Wow digital #5 Ķiss & Kill by @Toum10 is amaazzzzingggg :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: .

Great work!

I would hope people voting take that into account (effort, or lack there-of), and vote accordingly?

I can confirm that this was not the case. Well, at least I wasn’t on the selection committee, and can say with near certainty that no other mod was either.


Well then I do apologize, it was stated as such in the original announcement for this contest.

Edited to add, since I’ve already made a jerk of myself:

Not trying to ruin the contest, just speaking off of what was said.

Please remember the theme of this event. If can be found here.

We all have our own opinions and the community will be the judge. Please keep this an uplifting event as we look at the effort put into various recruitment ads.


We were never asked in the moderator chats to participate. Like @littleKAF, I had no role in the selection.

I hadn’t been keeping up with the submissions, so this is the first time I’ve even seen most of these.

@guvnor Adding a bit here to not keep clogging the thread up -> Also had no part in selecting finalist :slight_smile:


Wow :flushed: thanks :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And I still apologize for mentioning something stated in the original announcement.

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The picture was made for alliance recruitment and published in the contest just for fun. Novo probably didn’t ever expected it to be under the chosen ones.

Your friends/fans would possibly vote for you, too. I would.

I think that the voting is fair. Everybody can vote for their favorites.


Voted. I think SG should award all of them. Nice work, hard to choose which one is the best.




Please don’t make accusations without facts. For the record:

  1. Misfit Toys is wildly blessed with a number of mods (some only joined in the recent months), as well as the talented Novo of Calendar fame.

  2. To my knowledge, none of the mods participated in selecting art for this contest. I know I didn’t, and others have chimed in above as well, confirming they didn’t either.

I see lots of art I want to vote for! Please vote your favorites! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Agreed, but in @Disposable’s defense, the OP did say mods.

But through conversation, we have confirmed no mods were judges. (Not just me being left out :slight_smile:).

All good.

Now how bout those nice pictures?

I know who I voted for. :shushing_face:


Well, the stupid thing here is that I knew I’d be opening a can of worms and did it anyway… sorry for that.

Thank you littleKAF, that’s really the crux of why I said what I did: I was operating off of the information available.

I’ve apologized twice. Next time maybe tell the devs not to claim that you sit on the selection committee, if nothing else it can invite misunderstandings like this.

I like you all, and do want to believe the best in people, so forgive me for connecting dots that weren’t real.

Mostly I want apologize to Novo, you don’t deserve to get dragged into this by association.

At the risk of derailing the spirit of this contest, I’m deleting my earlier posts. Maybe just delete this whole conversation, it’s kind of taken over, unfortunately.

Good luck to everyone nominated.


I’ll add fuel to the fire. Sorry, I’d like to hear @Petri’s response. It seems that the finalists were not chosen at all, but took and put to the vote the first thing they looked at. Some images are not related to the subject of the “ad” contest at all. For example, among the hand-drawn drawings there is a sketch of a dragon, and you look, friends, a branch of representations! How many really interesting works were presented, beautifully drawn and having an idea. In General, I am very sad. I understand perfectly well that everyone has different ideas about what is beautiful and interesting, and what is ugly and uninteresting. But not that much!
Here is just one example to compare the work of a finalist and the work that was not accepted to the final. And there are many such examples.

work in the final

and this work did not pass the competitive selection


The jury has already made their choice. Maybe it’s enough to insult every second art? Each participant of the competition put their forces into the creation of art, as much as he could. I think it’s unpleasant for them to read all this. It’s graceless. There were really a lot of arts, it’s impossible to select all of them. Also, everyone has different tastes. If something doesn’t suit someone in choosing of a jury - create your own contest. Thnx.

Good luck to all participants! I made my choice :slightly_smiling_face:


Totally agree with you @ArktikaTF

Anyway, great job everyone! Can’t wait to see the digital video finalists!

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