#PlayApartTogether 🎨 Fan Art Contest: Finalists for Digital (static) & Handdrawn Categories [ARCHIVED TOPIC]

Voting open now for the following categories: Digital (Static) & Handdrawn! :ballot_box::point_down:

Our jury, including special guest judges (Small Giant Games artists), have now reviewed each entry. It wasn’t easy, but we have narrowed down the list to 10 finalists in each category! Judging was based on creativity, skill, and best representation of Empires & Puzzles. Thank you ALL for participating! :hugs:

It’s your time to choose the winners, vote for your favorite now! Voting is open until 2020-06-04T09:00:00Z.

For the Video & Poem/song categories we received less entries, so we will open voting for all entries after this round.


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1st Category: Digital (Static)

2nd Category: Hand-drawn

Hi @Petri, I see one submission appears in both categories, is that correct?


Fixed now, thank you for letting me know! :slight_smile: Please vote again for the handdrawn category, if you did already as the poll has been reset.


@Petri - I am kinda noob on poll but is this the wanted mechanism, that I can see the voting share on digital but not for handdrawn? (sorry if this question is the stupid one - feel free to delete then ^^)


Thanks, fixed that one as well. So the digital poll has been reset as well, please vote again for that category!


Digital No 5 , wow looks like real girl , nice work


Strange choice of finalists… Some works that had a minimum of imagination and effort, based entirely on images from the Internet or copied through a copy sheet, were put up for voting, and other interesting works were omitted.


In the category of digital images #3, just great! My vote is for you :hugs: :kissing_heart:


Kiss kill @Toum10 kills me hugely in a positive way! Kaboom :heart_eyes:


Some great pieces of art here. Really hard to pick a favourite. Well done everyone!

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Those chibi versions (especially Gvm and Azlar) are my fav, no joke :smiley:

Throw in some salami and I’d start making false accounts to vote!

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Totally agree @ArktikaTF The color-use is amazing :heart_eyes: got my vote also :grin:


I voted for my friend Novo from them Awesome Misfit Toys go ROOK!

Voting for a friend is good. But the votes must be cast fairly. Novo has an image taken from the Internet with minimal changes. Only arrows and text are added. And there are guys in this category who have worked really hard creating their own images.


So much talent!! Great to see so many participants. :slight_smile:

Number 1 of course :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Can’t stop thinking whether I would want to play an animeish chibi-reskin of E&P. With lots of shouts and special powers.

Number 6 is the best :wink:

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