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what ever happened with the banners and art stuff? @littleKAF

Winners have been announced weekly here.


There are four categories.

Winners have been selected for categories 1 and 3.

Judging is going on for category 4. I believe category 2 is forth coming.

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ah ok, I must have missed that post. Thanks @littleKAF :slight_smile:

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My alliance took out PlayApartTogether. SG said that awards will be for all players but reality is that only winning alliances are getting something. Idea was great but very poorly executed. Just my thoughts.

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They actually did say three would win this particular aspect. There were gifts given to all at the beginning.

You can definitely comment on the execution, but in this case, they executed it exactly as they said they would.


Came here because of the notification (since @littleKAF quoted something from #news-announcements , something us non-mods cannot do :frowning: )

I searched for a couple of minutes for why he was replying to me, tbh :rofl:

I don’t think the event was intended to last this long considering the verbiage “upcoming days and weeks” back on 30 March. We’re over three months in and no end in sight, so the fact they’re still even handing out avatars is surprising to me.

Though, I do find it disappointing that thousands of alliances are probably participating in the event and won’t see anything other than the items we got at the beginning (nice, but I’ve already forgotten what they were). Avatars don’t give you any game benefits, and it would have been cooler to donate the avatar to all the alliances that changed their message in order to show how we all participated in this together at this moment in time. Instead, I’ll be unlikely to see the avatar in game to remind me that SG went out of their way to create an event for this global disruption because of how few they actually distributed. This will be especially true months after the event ends.

The art contest was cool.


Sorry. I was replying to @Builderbooo. I went to get the text I was looking for and accidentally posted there. So I moved it to where I wanted it and tried to delete any record that it occurred. I obviously wasn’t that slick.

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Is very simple this game but play game and stay with home play together in my team is very happy every day

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And what other gifts do you get?

I have long since removed the hashtag from the header of my Alliance. at First, the idea seemed beautiful and good, until I realized that prizes in the form of useless avatars once a week for three alliances out of thousands of alliances are nonsense.


That hashtag doesn’t hurt in your description, so why not?

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From the principle no )))

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My current alliance does not have it either. I wish we did though. I’m just a little old member though so I stay quiet. It’s not that important to me.

What is this play apart together contest and how do we participate in it

Check this out

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Please try using the search tools of this forum. It helps our volunteer moderators do their job easier. Or check on any of these links:

Join us in #PlayApartTogether!

#PlayApartTogether art Fan Art Contest: Submissions

#PlayApartTogether art Fan Art Contest: Finalists for Poem or Song Category [Voting Closed - Winners Announced!]

@Guvnor @DaveCozy @littleKAF @zephyr1 This thread can be closed.


Though not that grandeur, #playaparttogether is still ongoing.

Lol, it was started by SG staff

Sorry. That was in response to @Prasshant as he created a new thread on the matter. That was the reason I said this:

I motioned to close the thread but the wise Mods thought it would be better to merge it here. So, that’s that.


Please someone explain what is this play apart together contest and how do we participate in it


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