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Hope your group member and their spouse are ok. Wishing them a speedy and full recovery. And all the best to the alliance colleagues. Stay positive and keep your chin up


It isn’t love or charity, just advertisement to spend money and make not spenders feel bad. Share and advertising to spend money is different. Option to share with ally without money would be great.

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Well, it isn’t received that way within my alliance, and judging from community reaction during previous iterations, many other alliances enjoyed it too.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this just never gonna happen. Just my opinion, but it doesn’t do any good to pine for things that clearly will never be, and we surely shouldn’t compare existent possibilities to hopeful wishes.
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Hi, will there ever be another gift? Or only 3 and that was all …

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But are the gifts of “play apart together” gone? It looked like we had to give us multiple objects during the quarantine

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Is #playaparttogether still on? Should we expect any more gifts/quests/actions etc?

‘Moin zusammen reloaded’, Germany. We take part. #stayathome

Ive Got maybe 3 gifts and have yet to see any extras in game that do me any real good. Am I missing something?

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There is a contest going on right now that all are welcome to participate in.


Thanks for your response!

Our alliance wouldn’t necessarily be entering this. Is there a place to find what all is included in this campaign?

Would you help me? Is there still a recruitment contest? What link can I follow? I would like to participate

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Yes, there’s still a contest going here: #PlayApartTogether 🎨 Fan Art Contest: Submissions

Oh yeah… I remember being awarded 1 (one) extra red flask at the beginning of this campaign. It made me stay 15 extra minutes playing E&P.

I guess the campaign was a total success, lol.

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How much did it cost you guys to participate? Wait - nothing? And it raised your awareness enough for you to come here and complain?

Guess it was a net win…


Hello guys!

  1. Is this campaign still going?
  2. If yes, then can we expect something besides the avatars? (tornado, flasks or something…)

Thank you.

As if anybody needed SGG to raise awareness about the corona-situation after it was the only topic on the news for already a month before it started. Again, I don’t care about getting a few corona-freebies or not. But reading these nice and warm words in their announcement and seeing the outcome on the other side I can’t help to come to the conclusion it’s just a very cheap image campaign and nothing more. I mean, they didn’t even manage to award three alliances per week as announced… But yeah, actually nothing to be surprised about.

@SirGorash Sorry, accidentally replied to your post


The fan art submission ended today and to me it looks like the campaign will be over then. but don’t know for sure, there is no official statement regarding that

You cannot except anything, not even an avatar unless you are one of the very few lucky alliances that won lottery. SGG designed this campaign, which is all about supporting each other, in a way that roughly 0.05% percent of players have any gain of it. Generous as always :wink:

I agree and my alliance has won anything but from the first week play apart together was trendy. We on recieved 1 gift the next day and another two days later. It’s like when the art contest came out nothing else happened with us. And yes I participated in the art contest too just been too busy to put in a drawing also I’m not to mention it supposed to be ONE ENTRY PER TYPE correct? I’m seeing multiple entries from the same alliances that are in the SAME CATEGORY. IDK kinda unfair but I guess that’s life

This. Well darn, traded one addiction for another! (Personal) improvement nevertheless, lol. :blush:

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