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Tag me when you do put it out there👍


Thank you for providing us with critical information on how to #PlayApartTogether.
Our alliance has grown very close with members across the world and we are seeing how each other handles this situation which I believe is an awakening call to the world of how easy it is to kill thousands or millions of people without using bombs.


Could this be a “share the love” occassion?
I would share the love if given the opportunity.


When do we receive the avatar?

Per staff notice not 5 comments above your own:

Per statement from SGG staff (5 comments above your own):


Hi Guvnor,

Thanks for your response.

I was just wondering because i thought 28.1 would be rolled out by now.



Fighting Demons [FD]

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I’ve been underwhelmed by the campaign. It was my understanding that we’d be seeing gifts foe continued play. After a couple they dried up and went away. I had several friends I told about #playaparttogehter tell me it was just another ploy to get people to spend more. I pointed to the gifts referred to in the announcement to tell them they were wrong. Perhaps it was me who was gullibly mistaken.

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Key phrase is the everyone component.

I don’t believe there her been a maintenance break which signifies the disabling of the previous version

How much did you spend towards the campaign? Likely the reason for your disappointment if you contributed quite a bit…

Cuando nos van a dar el avatar?

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Just curious about when the #PLAYAPARTTOGETHER event ends?

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Not to be “that guy” but, with Springvale and wonderland going on, we have had no freebies from this… even something small. 10x Backpacks would be great or anything that doesn’t “interfere” with us needing to spend and buy gems/mats and summons.


O thought its already ended. Nothing in mailbox for a week


Is there any updates to this initive ? There were a lot of great ideas on how to increase gameplay/interaction in the thread but all that ended up were a few small gifts. Not that the gifts weren’t appreciated it just would have been a great time to try and engage your customer base. I would love if one of the mods might chime in, let us know of anything they have heard.


My casually active group of Technicolor Minds is doing their part in #PlayApartTogether.

This is a challenging time where it is very easy to get depressed with every bit of negativity news out there. A group member and his spouse were tested positive for COVID-19 and knowing that their lives would never be the same even after recovery, still continued to keep a positive attitude, and stayed as active as his schedule would allow, and working their essential work shifts to help the others. I am sure their selfless actions helped not just themselves, but others in their community tremendously as well.



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Hope your group member and their spouse are ok. Wishing them a speedy and full recovery. And all the best to the alliance colleagues. Stay positive and keep your chin up


It isn’t love or charity, just advertisement to spend money and make not spenders feel bad. Share and advertising to spend money is different. Option to share with ally without money would be great.

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Well, it isn’t received that way within my alliance, and judging from community reaction during previous iterations, many other alliances enjoyed it too.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this just never gonna happen. Just my opinion, but it doesn’t do any good to pine for things that clearly will never be, and we surely shouldn’t compare existent possibilities to hopeful wishes.
(2 cents)

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