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With all the people laid off from work due to the Covid 19 crisis, should the developers consider lowering prices? $9.99 to get the Path of Valor advantage is a lot of money right now for many people. This game has a loyal base of players that continue to play for the fun but also to keep in touch with friends made through play. How about having a social conscience and helping out, those of you making money off the game. Just sayin’.


It’s more fun to make a gimmick #playApartTogether which is what we’ve been doing already since day one :point_up:

Are they giving away free toilet paper where you’re at? How about free food? Free gasoline? Free steaks? What’s the difference?

Actually, there are a lot of people helping people out during this time including businesses, software companies, and everyday people. All you need to do is take a look at any news feed.

Exactly, it’s easy to pay lip service to a gimmick that just makes the developers more money. They’re actually profiting off this gimmick and people being stuck at home. All I’m saying is that it would be nice 8f they acknowledge that and give back to the community that supports them and sends their kids through college.

We have raffled the first 3 winning Alliances, congratulations!


Wow! Grunnenstrikesback is looking forward :smiley: on behalf of all members of Fighting Demons [FD] a great Belgian / Dutch ally thank you!


Just watched the ***** youtube video thanks @JonahTheBard
Check it out

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I haven’t done his thread yet!

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Ah sorry spoiler edit that if you want :+1:


Thanks…it is excellent though!


Tag me when you do put it out there👍


Thank you for providing us with critical information on how to #PlayApartTogether.
Our alliance has grown very close with members across the world and we are seeing how each other handles this situation which I believe is an awakening call to the world of how easy it is to kill thousands or millions of people without using bombs.


Could this be a “share the love” occassion?
I would share the love if given the opportunity.


When do we receive the avatar?

Per staff notice not 5 comments above your own:

Per statement from SGG staff (5 comments above your own):


Hi Guvnor,

Thanks for your response.

I was just wondering because i thought 28.1 would be rolled out by now.



Fighting Demons [FD]

Outlook voor iOS downloaden

I’ve been underwhelmed by the campaign. It was my understanding that we’d be seeing gifts foe continued play. After a couple they dried up and went away. I had several friends I told about #playaparttogehter tell me it was just another ploy to get people to spend more. I pointed to the gifts referred to in the announcement to tell them they were wrong. Perhaps it was me who was gullibly mistaken.

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Key phrase is the everyone component.

I don’t believe there her been a maintenance break which signifies the disabling of the previous version

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