[Play style] When to level your first rainbow 5* team based on Hero XP from training camps, team depth, team versatility, war, and upcoming class update- Updated with food costs

[Play style] When to level your first rainbow 5* team Updated with food costs

This is a general analysis. Specifics will depend on recruits farmed per day, Rugged clothes, gems summons, and other factors unique to each player.


Max all four training camps or keep using two for training 1* and 2*? ( linky, linky ):

[Research Math] Comparison of 1- 4 Extra low cost training [more math, some more math, Math Apocalypse] (linky, linky)

Update 2018-Dec-19


Additionally, I’m assuming you’re using the basis of having a bunch of recruits stocked up with tons of food and tc19 able to churn heroes out very quickly; when giving that time frame to level 5* heroes. Before somebody is at that point, the progress is such a crawl.

==Rough Calculations==

I am basing the minimum amount on Extra low cost training ( RT11 ) because it gives the best Hero XP per recruit, best Hero XP per 1k food, and requires zero ascension items.

If a player needs 4* Heroes, then running three camps at Extra low cost training ( RT11 ) and one camp at Legendary training ( RT20 ) for an average of one 4* Hero per 10 days and an average of one 5* Hero per 40 days. Using duplicate 3* heroes for 4*/ 5* 3.60+ leveling.

Or just running four camps at Extra low cost training ( RT11 ).

Add some variation for Rugged clothes, free token/ free gem summons. Add some more variation, but not a lot, for players who like Uncommon ( RT02 ) and Common ( RT01 ) training.

If you are using your training camp heroes as they finish, your Level 20 Watchtower and Level 20 farms should be able to keep you in food.

So 2x- 3x rainbow 5* 4.80 ( 10-15 total heroes ). Closer to 3.2x rainbow 5* 4.80 if running four camps at Extra low cost ( RT11 ) with occasional Extra fast ( RT19 ) and players who decide to use Uncommon ( RT02 ) and Common ( RT01 ).

==Only leveling 5* Heroes==

But as I say above, if you level all 5* Heroes, you will not have any training camp heroes to level heroes to 4* 3.60/ 4* 4.80.

That is why I suggest, even if you are a cash player, you get four rainbow 4* 3.60 teams and two rainbow 4* 4.70 teams before trying out your first rainbow 5* 2.60 ( with no 4* heroes ).

==My partial rainbow 5* 2.60 team==

Right now my rainbow 5* 2.60 team is waiting for 1- 2x 5* healers, 1- 2x 5* splash damage and a 5* green. I have two red 5* 2.60, one blue 5* 2.60, one purple 5* 2.60, one yellow 5* 2.60 but they are all solo heroes, no synergy, no healers and either attack all or snipers.

I don’t think you addressed what I said, that an estimation you can level 2 or 3 rainbow teams of 5* heroes in one year is with the assumption that you’re swimming in food, recruits, and TC19 working overtime. It really sounds incredibly unrealistic to say 3 or 4 TC11’s can get you there. A single 1* hero is worth 180xp to a 5* hero. If you’re making 3x 1* heroes every 2 hours with 3 TC11’s, I have to say it’s unrealistic to expect to make 2 or 3 rainbow 5* teams a year. Very quickly in the leveling process of a single 5* hero, ten feeder heroes of 1* heroes won’t even bring your 5* hero up one level, at the cost of 100k food or more…

Just using three Extra low cost ( RT11 ) camps generates 4,257,360 Hero XP per year. A 5* 4.80 Hero requires 353,599 Hero XP or approximately 12.04 5* 4.80 or approximately 2.4 rainbow 5* 4.80.

This requires 72 recruits per day or 24 World Energy in 1.8-7.

During the year your Watchtower and Farms produce 543,303,960 food or approximately 36,220,264 per hero per year ( if divided among 15 heroes ). I did not track the numbers, but on my other account I once 1 day leveled a 5* 1.1 to 5* 4.80 without using my full food hoard of 22 million foo and 2300 unclaimed Extra low cost training. The food cost was actually a little high since I was using random color leveling instead of my preferred same color leveling.

If someone has accurate data for food required to level a 5* 1.1 to 5* 4.80, I would appreciate it.


324 x ( 26280 / 2 )= 4,257,360 Hero XP
4,257,360 / 353,599 = 12.04x 5* 4.80 heroes


14321 per hour x 24 hours x 365 days = 125,451,960 food

9x Farms
9x 5300 per hour x 24 hours x 365 days = 417,852,000 food

Total food = 543,303,960 per year

10 heroes= 54,330,396 per hero per year
15 heroes= 36,220,264 per hero per year

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Another rule of thumb: you find 4* to 3* ascension mats about 1:3. The long term limiting factor is color specific. Taking green as an example:

6 tonics : 18 shields

That will max one 5* green (6 tonics, 8 shields) and leave 10 shields, enough to max two 4* (Or take two 5* to 3/70 and leave them stuck there.

Given the greater cost to level up and rarer mats, I recommend that starting players work two 4* rainbow teams before starting on 5* heroes, even if they manage to acquire them.

And ascension materials indicate that the same pattern will mostly be repeated.


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