[Play Style] What colors to level or Why do some players use 2+ heroes of the same color [Analysis, Math]- Updated May-08

Ranking Challenge events

I only attempt Beginners / *** / Rare Hero level because my Forge is Level 11 so I cannot make all the battle items to effectively compete in Intermediate / **** / Epic Hero level.

In addition to changing your battle items against different Bosses, you also have to shuffle your hero team ( which means having more than one hero of each color ).

Pirate is actually easiest because Pirates is purple ( reflect ) and purple is weak versus purple so take out your purple heroes. Yellow is strong against purple, so you can use yellow heroes against Purple Bosses. There are no Yellow Bosses ( yellow is weak against yellow ). Missing Yellow Bosses and Blue bosses mean less shuffling of your hero team.

Guardians is slightly harder. Yellow ( reflect ) makes it hard for your yellow heroes, but if you switch to purple heroes all the time ( purple is strong against yellow ), you run into problems with the Purple Boss since purple is weak versus purple. Missing Green and Blue Bosses means less shuffling of your hero team.

Knights is hardest. blue ( reflect ) makes it hard for your blue heroes, but red heroes are also weak against blue. Since Knights includes rainbow Bosses, you must shuffle your hero team the most of the three current events.