[Play style] Recruit (RT4/ RT11) & Food (RT13/ RT20) Hoards- Updated 4-14

I compared RT10, RT12, RT13, and RT20 as potential food banks.

TL;DR: For the 99%, use RT20 as soon as you can, RT13 until RT20 is available.

TL;DR2: If you already have surplus standard 4* heroes to level, use RT12 instead of RT13. If you have all the standard 4* AND 5* heroes you need, use RT12. You will waste less food and recruits. (RT10 appears to be marginally worse than RT12 aka still useless!)

A food bank does two things. All players fully benefit from the bank function (2), while the output heroes (1) vary widely in how useful they are for different players:

  1. It produces heroes that you may want to keep and level up, assuming you still want the standard set of 3*, 4*, and 5* heroes. (Circumstance: this output is valuable, you will level up at least some of those heroes)
  2. It banks food and recruits. The food and recruits used up making heroes is wastage, lost from your bank. It would be like putting $1000 in a bank, knowing that the banker was going to spend $50 of your money on his lunch every day, then toss you a few crumbs! (Circumstance: The output isn’t valuable to you; you already have all of those heroes you need or want, and will feeding this output to the heroes you care about instead)

Free players will pretty much always want the output of 4* and 5* heroes. Even with the poor chance of 4* heroes from RT13. That reason is compelling, and also compelling to switch to RT20 when you first can do so.

If you have paid to summon heroes by the time you are at stronghold level 12/13, you probably have a rainbow set of five 4* heroes you are working on and starting to ascend, if not a second set. IF you have at least one worthwhile 4* hero in each color you haven’t started on yet, you don’t need the (low probability) 4* output of RT13, especially during the couple months you are building toward RT20.

And when you can run RT20, and the odds of getting a 4* are much better, as well as having the possibility of a 5*. In this circumstance, I’d recommend running RT12 instead of RT13.

If you don’t want the output, you want to run a food bank wasting the least recruits and food while you do it, and getting the highest feeder XP out of it. (All of them have such low feeder XP compared to other modes that this is secondary in my eyes)

  • RT12 burns recruits the slowest, almost the same as RT10; RT13 is worse, and RT20 still worse.
  • RT12 also burns food the slowest, followed by RT10, RT13, and RT20
  • XP value of the output is pretty much terrible for all of them, worse by a factor of 10 than any production mode.
  • RT12 is a better than RT13, which is better than RT20 here; the recruit and food costs go up faster than the feeder value does.
  • RT10 with my fairly optimistic guess looks to be in the ballpark of RT20, and with my outrageously high case, similar to RT12.

I’ve compared using RT10 (extrapolated since I haven’t tried it; I made a perhaps overly optimistic assumption that it would have output somewhat better than a daily summon like RT20 has output somewhat better than an epic hero summon. I also did the math if it was somehow equally likely to produce 1*, 2*, or 3* heroes, which I don’t expect.), and RT12 with RT13 and RT20 for banking food. Here’s what I came up with, and compared them to other training center modes for reference The first two columns are how fast they burn your food and recruits; the next four are measures of how much value of feeder hero XP they produce (Assuming that you will be feeding the output to another hero, not keeping the hero for leveling up) :

Mode recruits / day k food / day XP (avg) XP / hour XP / recruit XP / kfood * Output
RT1 720 230 150 900 30 93.8 100% 1*
RT2 240 96 265 530 53 132.5 50% 1*, 50% 2* (note)
RT11 24 12 265 133 133 265.0 50% 1*, 50% 2* (note)
RT10 25 105 280 12 11 2.7 48% 1*, 48% 2*, 4% 3* (note)
RT10(alt) 25 105 387 16 15 3.7 33% 1*, 33% 2*, 33% 3* (note)
RT12 23 82 630 13 14 3.8 100% 3*
RT13 35 133 641 13 9 2.4 96% 3*, 4% 4* (note)
RT20 50 149 761 16 8 2.6 75% 3*, 20% 4*, 5% 5* (note)

NOTE: For any mode which has different star levels as the output, the actual odds are not disclosed, and I’m using my best guess. This only impacts the XP value and XP ratios; the burn rate for recruits and food is the same, no matter the output.

  • The 50/50 odds for RT2/RT11 aren’t controversial
  • The 75/20/5 odds for RT20 are pretty well established from data collected from over 1000 heroes
  • The 4% odds of a 4* from RT13 isn’t as certain, but the odds are clearly low, and the XP value doesn’t change significantly at values between 0% and 10%
  • I have yet to find anybody who actually had used RT10, and I’m not willing to waste the food researching it or the time needed to get a vaguely useful sample out of it either–Even with my outrageously optimistic alternate version this mode is still worthless; its food burn rate makes it unattractive regardless of the output XP value.

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