Platinum vs Diamond Loot

How are they different and by how much?

Is it worth the effort to go up in Cups?

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There are extra rolls in diamond chest,so you get more chances, but like everything else in this game it is random. None of my diamond chests had anything worthwhile. Personally I thought it not worth the hassle, But then I do not enjoy raiding

They’ve recently bumped up the ham and iron rewards for diamond as well. But based on the cup dropping threads, and some of the ham/iron hauls I see there, I’d say that pushing to Diamond only makes sense as a personal achievement, not for the loot.


If you are right around 2400 cups like me, try to remember to wait until you sneak back in to diamond before you open your raid chest. I’m always forgetting about that.

Thanks for the replies. Extra ascension loot rolls will surely get me interested in moving up.

I was in between gold and platinum when they started the raid tiers and thankfully have been attentive enough to open only when in platinum.

To be clear - the extra rolls are on materials. They are guaranteed in diamond and variable in platinum. Both have one single ascension roll, but I can tell you my experience is that diamond yields me at least one rare material a week. Its a pain and I dread it but it’s been worth it.

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FWIW, I just completed the 150 diamond raid mission. That would be what, 150/6 = 25 chests? I received one non-farmable ascension item. Not seeing any difference from platinum tier so far.

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I just want my Quintus avatar and then I’m giving up the struggle until I ascend more 5s. Since tiers have been introduced I’ve gotten 10 unfarmable mats from the raid chest. 8-3s and 2-4*s. One Tome was from diamond the rest in platinum.

either I have the most shattiest luck even with the extra rolls it’s not much different. 99.9999999999999% of the time I gotten just farm-able crap. you would think doing your very BEST holding very high amount of cups you would get more chances of getting Epic Summon Tokens at least 7 Epic Tokens a month if your lucky and if you do prefect raids for that month but no. maybe I have very bad luck.

some people just have all the luck in the world and some people just try and fail lol…

I’m fairly certain my luck is worse than yours. But only just… :wink:

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I started getting into diamond tier on the 7th of June. Opened around 20 diamond chests and received 3 unfarmables, 1 was 4*. Platinum has given me 4 unfarmables for the month but all 3*. Trainer heroes seem to be more common in diamond tier.

Wait, what?

Sopclod said something about waiting to open a chest. I have done my best fighting up to making sure at least my last winning raid is made at platinum level to get that level’s loot, but his statement implies if I got beat down under platinum level on cups while still filling the chest all I have to do is go on raiding until back over 1800 to open at that loot level.

Is that right?


Yes. The loot is determined by your raid tier when the chest is opened.


Maybe I missed it but I was wondering how many trophies do you need to get to the diamond level

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2400 cups for diamond.

I’ll go ahead and plug my stats on 1200 chests (monster and raid) here since it relates to the OP.


Thank you again for keeping track of all that data.

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What levels are the various loot tiers on? Gold 1200, Diamond 2,400 i think, what about the rest?

Silver, 600 trophies
Gold, 1200
Platinum, 1800
Diamond, 2400

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