Platinum tokens

Just curious if we can possibly get a platinum token in the summons portal. Perhaps throw this in with an odds to draw of somewhere in the 0.1 to 0.2% range? This would allow the player to cash it in for one of any hero that has ever been released by Sg. So instead of waiting for alby or any other hotm that rarely reappears if they ever do appear again then this would be the way for those of us without one to have a chance at him or any other hero that rarely, if ever, pops up in the summons portal.

Just a thought.

SGG said they were thinking about some kind of token for the elemental/event portal, which isn’t the same as your suggestion, but at least suggests that they are thinking about new tokens…

I wonder why not adding silver tokens to Atlantis, events or elemental portals with a chance to pull only 3☆ heroes.
After all they are only able to pull 3☆ heroes if lucky on silver pulls!
This can be edit in Atlantis and event portals to only pull regular s1 3☆ heroes with a small chance to pull Atlantis/Event 3☆s .
Also what if EHTs add to Atlantis with chance to pull 4☆ s1 heroes and small chance of 4☆ Atlantis ones.
Some of us are getting no luck with any of Atlantis or Event 4☆s no mentions of 5☆ at all.
Just another thought. :blush:

Same rarity

Maybe swap a hero of the same rarity?

Platinum token plus 4*= any 4* hero.

Rarity and color

Maybe swap a hero of the same color and rarity?


Platinum token plus red 5* hero = any red 5* hero.

Lower level players

It looks like Hero Academy will require a Stronghold 25. So the Platinum token could be a way for lower level players to use duplicates in addition to Hero Academy and future trading.

For coding they could give the Hero Academy an X% change of producing a platinum token.

I have had two Isarnia for a long time and I just got two Anzogh.

Diamond Token?

Maybe rename it diamond token and have a gem embedded in the coin so it appears visually distinctive.

Summons scroll

Or have a collection of summons scrolls.

Guardian scroll would let you summon any yellow 3* / 4* / 5* hero ( reflect yellow) or any Guardian hero ( Jackal/ Falcon/ Panther/ Owl/ Kong ).

Hel scroll would let you summon any of the first five HotM.

Aeron scroll would include Gravemaker ( HotM Aeron to Drake Fong).


Those are all EXCELLENT ideas.

I like the way you think. Just so that we can work towards aquiring heros that are not available. Its a level of “not fair” to new players just coming on line. No one can argue that.

Your ideas are excellent


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