Platinum Defense Team - 3 Healers or Balance?

The last few weeks I’ve been living in the 2000-2200 cup range. I’ve recently added some diversity to my roster and I’m trying to decide my best defensive line up while I fish for and level some 5* heroes. I hold my cups pretty well but there’s always room for improvement. Here’s my situation:

Current Team:

Caedmon - Grimm - BT - Rigard - Wu


Falcon, Jackal, Hansel, Kiril, Peters, Khagan (2-60), Khiona (3-70),

Un/Partially leveled Projects:

Colen, Melendor, Sonya, Sabina, LJ, Boril, Agwe (lol), Cyprian

Do I replace Wu with perhaps Falcon or Khiona? I lose my rainbow but gain beefiness/offense. I feel like Kiril is a little redundant with BT and as a 3rd healer he is no threat offensively. I have cleanse and dispel already so I want some offense in that last spot.

Help! Thanks!

Definitely use Khiona instead of Wu. Wu’s great for titans and offense, but he’s super squishy on D.

Try Caed, Rigard, BT, Khiona, Grimm

Falcon, Jackal, Hansel, and Peters are all solid offensive options you should be using to stack against enemy tanks.

3 healers is too many. 2 healers is fine, with your lineup my defense would be Rigard, Grimm, Boldtusk, Hansel, Jackal.

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Actually maybe Caedmon, Rigard, Boldtusk, Grimm, Hansel. This way when people stack blue against your Boldtusk tank, BT has a blue flank and double green wings. Plus you get to keep Caedmons dispell and avoid using jackal on defense because he’s quite squishy.

If I would see two healers next to each other on a defence team, I would keep attacking them until all specials get charged (they don’t do damage), then take them out with specials and use the big spot for ghosting.

Putting the two healers apart (at least one hero between them) might make the attack more difficult.