Platinum Arena

I’m new to the Platinum Arena and have noticed that often my heroes suddenly lose health and without reason, can anyone explain why

Unless that’s a joke about opponents being stronger, I’m not sure what you mean.
Nothing’s different there.

Are you certain you’re not under any damage over time effects? In answering that, be aware that I think some visual bugs have been reported with DoT or other effects where a hero is still subject to the effect, but isn’t showing the icon we’re accustomed to seeing.

If that’s not it, this is clearly a case where you’ll need to provide screen shots / video. Also, this is probably better suited to the Bugs & Issues forum and / or a support ticket.

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Nah not a joke, usually happens if a hero hasn’t gained mana for 5 or more turns

If it is as you say, which I kind of doubt, there is no logical explanation to it… It must be some kind of bug that affects a very limited number of players…

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I am not aware of this mechanic in raids. You should record a battle where this happens and share with us.

You may be overlooking something

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