Plans for November 2018

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Apology if this is mentioned elsewhere. I’ve searched many topics, but couldn’t find anything.

What are the plans for November 2018? Which events are expected, is there any prequel for November’s season 2 update, etc. ?


The monthly event should be Guardians of Teltoc, so animals, with elemental defense debuffs, good. This event should start this thursday.
Should be no other events. S2 should continue as normal, no real info on what heroes will be in atlantis summon, there are new heroes for S2 in beta test but no certainty on when they will appear.

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Thanks a lot!

I was actually hoping that the even this month will be a Sand Empire. May be next one then.

Sand Empire was a seasonal event (summer). The event and its heroes will probably never reappear (Edit: Or maybe they will return for the summer event 2019).

You can see all four challenge events and the cycle here:

Or more likely it will appear again next summer, like rabbits appeared again this eastern.


Since I wasn’t playing when the easter event happened last year (2017): So in 2018 they brought back the same heroes from the easter event 2017?

Yes, except crucially buffed them (the rabbits were garbage on the first go around). The Christmas event didn’t have heroes last time so rabbits are our only data point on seasonal event heroes returning so far.


That’s really pity. The heroes from the event has proven to be extremely helpful during the War battles full of the team with 3 to 4 healers.

I need advice about opting out of the wars. When I 1st started playing the game I opted out for the wars because I was still learning. Now I’m ready to try but I can’t figure out how to opt back in. Any suggestions?

Tap alliance tab. Tap war box at top. Below your alliance symbol/name is opt in/out box.

BTW, if you have to ask here, you may be in wrong alliance

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Ya I was thinking the same. If it was that easy I wouldn’t have joined a forum to ask. I don’t have a the opt in/out box. That’s the problem.

You have to do it in between war and prep. Not during either activity.

you’re not alone, have a look here and here

hope it’s going to help somehow

Sounds like a bug. I would report it. I. The meantime, you might try leaving and rejoining. New members are automatically opted in, I believe.

After war ends, yes


Why wait? You’re opted out, you’re not involved anyway.

Im having the same problem. I left my alliance and joined a different one thinking the same thing, it didn’t help.

The vampires should help with this as well.

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