Planning for a two week break - how to prepare?

Hi all
I am taking a 2 week holiday in a few weeks, travelling a lot in fairly remote places, and I am resolved to take a full 2 week break from playing E&P - but definitely planning to start again on my return.

What things can I do to prepare? I have thought about:

  1. Have all TC’s stocked up with at least 2 weeks of training (probably 1 TC20 and 3x TC11’s). So lots of fodder when I return.

  2. Opt out of Alliance Wars

  3. Tell my Alliance leader my plans, and offer to leave the Alliance if he won’t tolerate a 2 week break from Titan attacks ( I think he will be OK with it).

Can anyone think of anything else I can do to prepare, and remain productive in my absence?


This thread from @Gryphonknight had some interesting thoughts on preparing for a game break:

And I think you’ve got the basics covered at least in your list too.

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♤Leave your Alliance … not just opt-out.
Back when your back they will need the slot.
♤Don’t run new VIP till you come back.
♤If you could manage just get in E&P for 1 minute make an allarm for M.V so you get the rewards in hope of 3/4☆ AMs.


Great point about VIP @Jedon. Thanks - I didn’t think of that.

Our alliance is usually full, and when we do sometimes kick someone the free slot normally gets filled within hours. So I am reluctant to leave in case I can’t get back in! We do not communicate outside the game.


Its better always to leave with own will than being kicked out.
■■I would also recommened you highly to take photos to every thing starting of your account # , loots, roster, troops incase if you lost the device or just couldn’t get back some thing to send to suppport to claim back a lost account.
■■Also re-new the synec of Gmail/ or Apple or FB password to be able to restore just incase.

Enjoy the break mate …
And have a great day


Leave?? Why? :thinking:

20 abcdefghijklmn

Raid Shield

Raid shield if you need minimum trophies for your alliance.

Solo raid defense

Set defense team to your single toughest defender if not. Example: A single Boldtusk 4* 4.70 is incredibly tough, so fends off new players.

Since only a single hero, many experienced players will skip since they want 5 hero kills to fill Wanted Hero mission chest.


Interesting. Thanks @Gryphonknight.
Never even occurred to me so set a solo raid defence. Maybe I will try it overnight one day before I go.
Don’t think I can justify gems for raid shields.
I’m thinking it won’t take me too long to get back where I am when I return.

Not going for a few weeks yet, so plenty of time to ponder.


If you are TRULY looking to disconnect and have a chat app (like Line), I’d also delete it for the trip.

If you are just looking to not be an inconvenience to your alliance, I’d leave and join another zombie one to at least be able to log in and do titan hits when bored and maybe luck into some decent loot.


Thanks @sleeperZ96BT. I would like to TRULY disconnect for two weeks. And I’m pretty sure my wife would like that too :grinning:

Then ditch the chat apps :slight_smile:

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