Planning for a Defense Team Upgrade

My bench is starting to fill in and I finally have some 5 stars to work with. Assuming ascension materials are plentiful, what do you think is my best defensive lineup from this roster? My gut feeling is to run some variation of Ursena, Onatel, Richard, Elena, and a complimentary 4 star, but I’m not sure what makes the most sense.

Onatel is a really decent centre and Buddy also happens to be one of the best 4* and a great defender.

Elena is very squishy, so Wilbur might be better for quite a while.

Similarly, Kirill might outperform Richard for now.

You could try Kiril Wilbur/Elena Onatel Ursena Buddy

That does leave you a little short of hitters, but the attack buff + defence debuff should make all your normal attacks extra effective. Plus the defence buffs and shared damage will make you hard to breakdown.

You’ve got some duplicate buffs/debuffs but they aren’t likely to all go off at once.

Good luck with that :wink:

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I really like this idea, thanks for the insight!

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