Planning a General Purpose 5* Team

I’ve been using and leveling 4* heroes for quite a while with much success, but to push further I need to start looking at options for 5* heroes. I don’t have a lot of experience using them, so I’m hoping to get some advice regarding good combinations using what I already have to start with. So far, event summons and TC20 haven’t exactly been kind to me:



I’m pretty sure that Vivica and Richard could form part of a good defense-oriented team, but should I use precious 4* materials on the others? I have enough materials to ascend one 5* of each color to max, and within 2 months I should have enough for a second set.

If those are all your 5*s then Aeron, Vivica, Elkanen, and Richard will be a good start. I’d look for the single target hitters: Sartana, Joon, Marjana, Lianna, Magni to make your lineup more potent.

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Bad luck to get Thorne, let alone an army of him!

Would gladly trade my Aeron and Elkadin for a used Vivica.

Only ones worth the mats are vivica and Richard

Rest are garbage

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+1 for Vivica and Richard. Rest goes to the rest bench :slight_smile:

I would not call Aeron garbage. I think he is one that can use the mats. But since he has viv His potential is a little lower…


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