Plan to reduce spending

Last Atlantis period I pulled around 40 cards. Didn’t get much of value and got a lot of 3* duplicates.

This time I did a 30 pull, a 10 pull, and 5 single pulls. Got a few decent 4* but also got a lot of season 1 and 2 3* duplicates. Did I really need 4 Karil for example?

The odds of getting a 5* are crap and we are essentially spending good money to get a lot of duplicates and trash for feeding other cards.

SG makes $6 million a month on this game from suckers like me. Nothing will ever change if we keep spending money like drunk sailors.

For me - it ends now. All the pulls for King Arthur, Xmas, Atlantis and mostly trash to show for it. I’m only going to spend on VIP now. Game is Pay to Win and I don’t have the thousands needed to get special 5* cards.


Not goin to discourage spending

But based on personal experience, i will say that I’ve had more fun with the game in the past month that i haven’t been spending than i did when i was spending

The disappointment and frustration can be annoying and distract from the other good values of the game

Plenty of alliances to hang with that are fun and dont require top heros or big spending

It’s the people that make the game fun, not the game that makes the people fun

Food for thought


A couple of good post here, I have a good base of heroes around and I’ve spent my fair share always realizing the terrible odds but I have plenty of good heroes to level /ascend. I never spent more than I could and it’s the first game I’ve ever spent anything on so with that being said I think it’s time to put away the debit card, I love the people in my alliance and I have plenty of power to compete and have fun. At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about…FUN!!!:grinning:


Hehe I hear you mate. I spent a ton trying to get black panther with no luck. Same for mother north with no luck…Guinevere was my last crazy spending more than the Xmas and Telloc (whatever it’s called) with no luck. Mind you I also spent on the special offers. The funny thing is it’s my first time experiencing those events since I started playing not too long ago, so I’m spending with the wrong idea that I will replace that money come income tax LMAO (don’t judge me)…anyway just like you I have decided to stop spending. I didn’t even bother to get the remaining offers for Atlantis and the month of December.

The devs should really implement a luck feature similar to Brawl stars. The longer you go without pulling a legendary/5* the more your chances are increases (still small) but eventually you will get a guaranteed 5*. The straight up casino setup is not good for spenders like us in the long run. I mean you want ppl like us around with disposable cash (or not) to keep us engaged. I really don’t see the harm in giving a guaranteed 5* after a while because you still gonna have to wait forever on rare materials to max them out. While we are waiting for materials at least we can still enjoy the game using the heroes we want in lower levels.

Anyway they definitely lost me as a spender. I’ll keep playing because the ppl in my alliance are awesome! I was gonna slow down in spending and thought maybe I’ll just spend $30 per events just for a 10x pull but after my experience with the recent pulls and looking at the balance in my credit card, I’ve decided to give my money to brawl stars and clash Royale as their pull system a bit more fair for ppl like me. If I ever have to spend the amount of money again for the E&P odds I’ll rather go play at a casino instead :joy:.

Anywho, ppl like us won’t affect their revenue anyway as there will always be new ppl eager to defy the odds until they get a rude awakening like we did. I hate their business model but since they haven’t made any changes to it it’s safe to say that it works for them :slight_smile:


I agree.

I have rage quit multiple times, the longest for 4 months ( losing 360 loot tickets from VIP Pass).

Except for Seasonal calendar 3* items I have stopped spending IAP & gems ( I think I have 20kg on my main).

I do VIP Pass for loot tickets and to support the awesome Devs, but Gacha based paywalls are just too annoying to deal with.

4* Heroes are the backbone of Empires and Class update lets them get into the low 700 power range to take on 9*/10* titans.

Exception, I will keep doing Grimforest summons until I have 3 Hansel and 1 Gretel and a Guardians until I have 2 Jackal and 1 Falcon.


And I will keep cheering for you when ever you get what your looking for.


The same frustration here after pulling 10x3* from Atlantis last night… and not the first time…
I like this game but I don’t like this feeling… Going to F2P and will see what happen…

I think it’s like smoking cigarettes… you wake up and quit smoking once for all or trying to reduce smoking for a long time and get back to addition again…

(I know I know too many dots here …) :wink:



How you can fun guys if you know that people who spending a lot of money (I mean minimum 500 USD/month) have 5* heroes and thats why We have no chance to beat them team in war ?
My last 90 pulls with 2,5% chance on legendary hero and … 0 legendary heroes.
How you can fun when you cant anymore progress your hero?


The problem is that gains from spending are non-linear in nature. Let me explain:

  • when you start the game, getting even single 4* is a game changer, and you have significant chance at that even with a 10-pull
  • when you start the game, value of VIP (2nd builder, gems, free passes) is quite high

As you progress, value of these things in monetary terms stays the same, but incremental progression that they offer is smaller. So everyone starts hunting for 5* characters and high level ascension items, because they are the meaningful advantage. But getting these through gacha and special offers is crazy expensive. In other words - in order to progress at somewhat constant pace you need spend more and more.

Obviously, at some point you just gotta say enough and set a cap to your spending (maybe even at $0, that’s personal decision for everone).

What’s worrying in this design is that the longer you play, the more P2W it becomes. While I do not mind occasional spending, I keep it in line with my entertainment budget - I will never be a whale.

I only hope that in 2019 SG will improve a game at mid/late levels so that people like me are not forced to leave (ideas: new TC levels allowing training of S2 heroes, ascension item conversion, some sort of skill tree/rune system etc). Right now I still enjoy playing, but similar to original poster I see less and less value in spending.


I am with you on this.

I am starting to see that it ‘takes time’ for the game to realize that you are a big spender and then ups your ‘luck’

So unless you are spending regularly, the game ‘forgets’ that you have spent money when the special characters come around.

On top of that, the blatant flaunting of ‘special offers’ that are now more expensive, mean nothing to increase your chances unless you have spent a boatload of money.

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Who said we can’t beat them in war?

This is one of my wars that I thought he will wip my winning dreams … but the fact is I wipped his rips … just look at the results.
Btw I am F2P and my team power vs him was 3240!
The game aint about spending money and getting all new strong cards.
Its about how to use what you have to get what you aim to.


Try to understand that you will no be the best in this game… There is always someone who has more money to throw, more time to play…

Personally I started to think what could I buy in real life for the money I spend… In my case it is a brand new phone, or a lot of toys for my children or dozens of good beer bottles !

It helped me to understand that this is a psychological problem that I need to face.



I too have decided to quit spending after getting 23 pulls and not getting any 4 stars and no 5 stars. I’ve come to the realization that it’s just not worth it. The cost is too high. I’ve got better things to spend my money on.


If you looking on the game like this you are right. But in the games what I play I wanna be one of the best. I understand progres in f2p games is slow. But if I cant get in almost 100 pulls in a row 5* heroes and now if I’ll not spending money this will never change. Does not matter if I’ll play 5 years in this game or 1 year. The chance to get 5* heroes are always the same. Thats why in my opinion this game is extremely p2w. The chance to get 5* heroes should be much bigger. Not just for money but also in training camp. Otherwise game is not fair and never gonna be. For money what I spent for this game I could buy easy 15 best new games on ps4. What I get for this? Few epic heroes. My last 45 pulls today and tomorrow 36 rares heroes and 9 epic. Thats all for 100-150USD. Pig in a poke. Always crap.
I’m just waiting when developers will delete my account. I sent them already verification code. I hope everyone will do like this and greedy developers will change something in this game.


It is an extreme move… I still have fun playing this game even as F2P

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I think there are 3 types of players.

  1. spending enormous amount of money
  2. spending reasonable amount of money
  3. spending no money at all

I am in the second category btw.

  • First ones for their 1000 a month get any hero they want any numbers of them they want and they can bully any other lesser team at their will :slight_smile: (Typical defense - Guin , 2 Hel, 2 GM)
  • Second ones build everything 3 times faster than F2P, they get reasonable amount of 5* uncommon heroes and they can in reasonable time compete with the first ones. (Typical purchase is VIP pass and some cheap offers - spending about 10-20/month)
  • Third ones - they need all the way go the slowest way - no second builder, not many 5* s , but in long them they’ll get as far as the second or first ones.

I made some justification to myself to be in the second group and not to be in the first or the third. I believe if I like a game I can spend a bit on it and rather than spending lets say 40 quid on Oblivion, I can have 2-3 months of fun at E & P. Also, I could never justify spending as much as a value of the car for a game.

Disadvantage being in the 2nd category is that you don’t play with what you really want, but what you get by random. Examples:

I wanted Hel, I got Tarlak;
I wanted Ares, I got Inari,
I wanted Red Hood, I got Rumpelstiltskin,
I watned Kage, I got Mitsuko


But I still have a lot of fun for my tenner. In long term, if I survive here, I’ll get everything I dream of. In even 3x longer time F2P people will get everything too … There are many free tokens, they can get all…

So choice is yours.


I’ve been pretty lucky with my pulls. I normally get multiple HOTM and a good share of event hero’s. At this point I have “overpulled”. I can never ascend all of the 5’s I have. I’ve spent a lot of money over the last years and now I’ve got to stop. I’ll still do a 10 pack to try for HOTM but that’s it. Will level what I have and reevaluate later.

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also we should make category of the games:

  1. Pay once and is unblock everything and everyone have the same chances (not many games in appstore)
  2. Option app-in but everything what you can buy also you have real chance (or 100% sure you’ll get) to get this without spending money but you are need more time to get it
  3. Option app-in with some extra things what you can get just if you are spending some real money
  4. (worst - empires&puzzles) Option app-in with some extra things what you can get just if you are spending real money but it is not guaranted untill you spent a fortune

So your types of players is just for my point 4 (such as empires&puzzles).

This is one of the best summary I have seen. I completely view the game as you do, my own personal entertainment. If I don’t like it I can leave but to complain about someone catering to what I expect unless I’m the boss or in my own home is beating a dead horse. Spend or not spend stay or go. It’s really that simple.

This was a nice post and summed it right up. Looking forward to the talent trees


But the same scheme you could see on e.g. Magic the Gathering - 25 years old card game. You buy a pack of heroes and you might get what you want or you might not. 60 cards in a pack - 15USD, 1 rare, 10 uncommon, the rest common, 5 colours. The only difference was you had physical cards in your hands instead of virtual in E&P. What you, however, could is to change cards with other players (e.g. blue hero for red) - that was very useful. Some people spent several thousands, some spent much less for a reasonable set of heroes (about 200).

So, this concept is ancient. SGG just re-used it.


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