Placement or order of heroes on my defense team

I could use some advice on the placement or order of hero’s on my defense team.

Any help would be appreciated

Currently left to right

Caedmon Onatel Kunchen Elena Triton

Hmmm… @CBHighlander, setting up a separate post might get the advice you’re seeking more readily, as your question is currently embedded in an OP not related to your question.

I’ll flag the moderators for their wisdom.

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn


I moved it to a new thread, thanks! :heart_decoration:


I think that is the best order and also nice rainbow defense.
Dispell - Mana - Healer - …

Thanks a lot much appreciated

I’d consider replacing Triton with Grimm. Triton is awesome on Offense, and can work well on Defense for Wars with Field Aid, but for regular Defense, trying to get the AI to have the timing right for just Triton and Kunchen is a total crapshoot, especially with Triton in right wing.

Grimm hitting while Kunchen’s defense debuff is active will be rough, especially as you Emblem him and increase his Attack stat.

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Thanks again for your help…I will try that setup.

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