Pity Timer Implementation

Blizzard has set a pity timer in Diablo 3 and Hearthstone (and maybe their other games too) where if someone is on the extreme bottom of RNG, they will be guaranteed a legendary drop.

While no longer relevant in D3, it would increase your chance of a drop after playing x amount of time untill you got a drop, and would reset with each legendary drop.

In hearthstone, you should average a legendary every 20 packs. If you hit 40 in a row without one, you are guaranteed one. The timer is seperate for each pack type.

This would translate into:

  • Elemental/Event: You should average a legendary every 40 pulls. If you go 80 without it, drop one.
  • Epic: average 77, pity 154
  • Epic troop: average 10, pity 20

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