Pity Counter/Timer for Summons

Nothing in the game us random.

as someone who just got hit the absolute lowest roll on my first ever 10-pull, and being affected by it in my real life, I support this cause.

I think it’s “random, not random”. As in… one player gets great luck while 9 other players get horrible luck. Add their results together, divide by 10: overall results match exactly the odds that are stated.

Now how they decide who gets the good stuff vs. who gets the crap, that is the question. :thinking:

Tagged just like a casino. The more you spend the better the perks. Everything that happens can be tracked.


So if I blow enough money on summons, will SG comp me a suite and a free buffet? :grin:

They will reward you with a 5* and Nine 3* hero’s on your next pull. And you shall be happy…


That would still be better than my last 10 pulls! :grin:

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this would still be better than my last 20 pulls!


Presenting the :exploding_head:pity counter:exploding_head:



That is quite the generous pity counter. 10% pity chance on a 1.5% draw.

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100 pulls without a 5* SHOULD make the pity counter go bling bling

That’s too soon. 100 pulls is not much more than the percentages. That’s not pity then, it’s a guarantee.

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This needs to be implemented in my opinion. I happen to be on the unlucky end of no 5 star with a significant amount of pulls.
Giving people an incentive to keep pulling by slightly increasing your odds after every fail is a great idea.

The argument that SG will make less money from this is absurd. It will most likely push people to buy more gems because they know a 5 star will eventually appear now.


Ill start this post by stating the obvious that i am an idiot.
I generally chase heros i need and normally with pretty poor success but this month has taken the cake.
During pirates, atlantis and halloween i have made a total of 290 pulls in pursuit of kingston with no sign of him. It wasnt until i hit 260ish that i recieved my first 5* this month which was elkanen followed by magni. In total 286 of my pulls were feeders.

We all know the odds are slim to pull the hotm but surely a hotm percentage increase after a certain number of pulls that month would make things fairer. As it stands i continue my hunt for him with the same odds as my first summon which is really hitting home how unfair the current system is.

I know this forum gets littered with how unfair summons can be and responses that the odds are clearly posted but im more hoping sg can see some possible changes to close the gap between the lucky and the unlucky.

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Why, no how do you know you “need” a particular hero. I know, that you know, there are no guarantees when summoning and short of buying the hero you want, I don’t know how SG could possibly make unlucky people lucky.

Hmmm. 290 pulls is an astounding number of pulls and with Neith out next month, it is a never ending cycle of potential disappointment next month too.

I wish you luck - you are overdue a large dose of good luck.

There is an existing thread for a pity timer: Pity Counter/Timer for Summons. Would this be along the lines of what you’re thinking of?

I can empathise. I spent quite a bit trying to summon Alberich from Atlantis when he was featured. But I have a personal limit - I gave up by about 50 because I don’t have that much money to burn. My country’s currency is only 1/4 of the USD.


Fairer? No. It is currently fair, as everyone has the same odds (however bad they are). Fairer changing the summoning process now, after all those bad pulls, so that newer players get better odds? Doesn’t sound fairer either.

I really don’t see SG changing how summons work after all this time.

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Heros i need should really have been heros that fit a hole in my roster such as miki for titans and kingston or seshat for an A-grade snipers. I dont care about defense so dont tend to chase many. In saying that ive never pulled a hotm in under 100pulls so expectations are always low.
A potential way to make unlucky people lucky would be a progressive pull increase or even the option to exchange all heros summoned in a 10-pull for a random unfarmable mat before they even reach your storage.

I was lucky to land 2 ariel doing a 2×30pulls last month so have had some luck from time to time.

I used to pull a fair amount, now I’ve cut back. I didn’t get Sheshat and I’m okay with that. I made about 60 pulls in October with Atlantis coins and EHTs and ended up with 3 Kingstons.

That said, I’ve made over 290 pulls in the time Ariel has been out and never have pulled her so you have that :).


I know SG’s aim is to make money… lots of it. But a simple gesture of good faith to the customers won’t hurt that much now right?

Just put in some sort of pity counter - Pity Counter/Timer for Summons for HotM.

These people are willing to spend so much money chasing HotM… but 290 pulls is just way too much. A lot of games out there has this pity counter sort of system.

Its easy to put the blame to the people who chose to spend yet didn’t get what they want… but I’m sure pity counter-like system won’t just be beneficial to the masses… but also to SG.

If people know that by spending up to certain amount of pulls then their chance of getting the HotM or any other 5* is increased then there will be people who will be more than willing to spend to get that HotM! Even those cheap to play or perhaps f2p if the hero is that good. SG wins… no?

I have been spending over 160 pulls to get Ariel… with no avail. It hurts… so in some way you are pretty lucky with getting 2 Ariel from 60 Atlantis pulls.

But then 160 pulls is nothing compared to your 290 so maybe I should just keep quiet.

But yeah… 290 pulls with just Elkanen… that is some serious damage to your wallet… at least for me it is.


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