Pity Counter/Timer for Summons

Nothing in the game us random.

as someone who just got hit the absolute lowest roll on my first ever 10-pull, and being affected by it in my real life, I support this cause.

I think it’s “random, not random”. As in… one player gets great luck while 9 other players get horrible luck. Add their results together, divide by 10: overall results match exactly the odds that are stated.

Now how they decide who gets the good stuff vs. who gets the crap, that is the question. :thinking:

Tagged just like a casino. The more you spend the better the perks. Everything that happens can be tracked.

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So if I blow enough money on summons, will SG comp me a suite and a free buffet? :grin:

They will reward you with a 5* and Nine 3* hero’s on your next pull. And you shall be happy…

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That would still be better than my last 10 pulls! :grin:

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this would still be better than my last 20 pulls!


Presenting the :exploding_head:pity counter:exploding_head:


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That is quite the generous pity counter. 10% pity chance on a 1.5% draw.

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