Pity Counter/Timer for Summons

I know this type of concept from Dota 2 treasures, but it’s probably used in other games as well.

What’s escalating odds? It’s basically a way to minimize the impact of “unfortunate streaks” while still maintain the element of RNG (hated by players loved by video games industry investors). Here’s an example of how it looks like in Dota 2:

Escalating odds mean that with every unsuccessful roll the chances of success increase. So while we all start at 1.3% of pulling a legendary hero, the second try without success has 1.5%, third has 1.7% and so on… The longer streak with no success the better increase for the next try, so after 60th try with no legendary hero, your try numer 61 would have 40% of pulling one. Successful try resets your counter. (the % just to visualize the idea, didn’t do exact math for values to make sense).

From players perspective it obviously helps with frustration and makes players more comfortable with bad luck (however that sounds), from developer perspective it helps keep the whales happy and spending. Note that apart from obvious positives, the biggest downside of escalating odds is that in order to maintain the game economics intact, the odds for initial tries are expected to be lower than with “static” odds.

Most obviously it could apply to summon portals, increasing odds for epic, legendary heroes (separately for S1 pool, for non-S1 pool and for HotM). But it wouldn’t hurt to introduce it also in things like chest loots, hero academy and titans.

I wonder how would that work for E&P, how would that affect both revenues and player satisfaction, and also what are the odds (lol) of SG to consider implementing something like that at any point.

Note it’s not a pity counter “guarantee legendary hero after x attempts” idea, more like “protect players from frustrations on being on the edges of RNG while maintaining RNG in general”. I think it’s the best we can count on until some regulators finally do something about loot boxes and microtransactions. But mods feel free to merge with Pity Counter topic if you feel it belongs there.


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No one slaughters the cow giving the most milk. :joy:

Not that I don’t like the idea, but tbh I don’t think that this will ever happen.

I like this idea, but have yet to see SGG implement 1 good idea from these forums since I started playing.

Hyperbole much? Look at the Ideas & Feature Requests section of the forum. They’ve implemented a bunch of them.

That being said, I’ve seen this idea floated a BUNCH of times, in various formats (relating to summon portals, training camps, hero academy, alc lab, etc.), and they’ve never even hinted at the possibility that they’re considering it. So, I agree that they won’t.

I used hyperbole because there are so many requests for things just like this. The larger topic being FIX THESE ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE SUMMONING ODDS. Yet, they don’t care lol.

That’s why I said they don’t implement anything haha.

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