Pity Counter/Timer for Summons MASTER

I know that draws have probably been discussed to death in some form or another, but I don’t think I’ve specifically seen pity counters (sadly, searching leads to riposte :-)).

Many games have implemented pity counters to take out the sting of random draws. Honestly? I see no downside to it. It doesn’t diminish the value of 5* or Ascension mats, as the “guaranteed” item after say 100 draws is in no way guaranteed to be awesome. In fact, some games have gone as far as to have a specific “pity hero” which is given.

This could be great for EP, as it would let them dictate just how powerful the pity hero is and balance it if it gets out of hand. It would also grant (negative) bragging rights to people with bad luck :slight_smile:

(Yes, I have drawn 72 times without seeing a 5*. And yes, I can do the maths. This will happen to 6% of players. 6% will also have drawn SIX OR MORE 5*s with those many draws. I am seriously discouraged to continue to draw. If I knew that at the latest at 100 I would get something, I may reconsider. But while 100 may work for me,bviously this number could be much higher or lower, depending on EP analyzing spending patterns etc.)

But think of the positive message a change like this would have. The wave of good will that could be generated in an era of lootbox gambling.

People probably won’t like their pity hero :joy:

Unless it’s a hotm, but I seriously doubt that :slightly_frowning_face:

With people dropping buckets of money for summons I don’t see the greedy developer ever doing this.


There is no reason to believe this scenario hurts the money generating business case. It may incentivize some to spend, while will others who spend a lot really spend less if they get more for their money?

An analysis with real data would have to be made obviously. But implementing a pity timer in Hearthstone surely didn’t hurt revenues.


I’d like to see a pity summon for the hero of the month, where if you do x pulls during the month you’re guaranteed to get that hero of the month if you haven’t already. Nothing kills the desire to spend/play more than throwing a bunch of resources and/or money at banners trying to get a particular unit and striking out due to terrible rates and bad luck.

Epic Seven uses a similar feature for their limited units where you’re guaranteed after 120 failed summons. I realize the HotM isn’t 100% limited because they’ll appear on Atlantis banners monthly, but with the gap of time between them and the already low rates, they might as well be.

I like the idea better of getting a special summoning token that is guaranteed to give the current HOTM after spending every 25K or so in gems during any summons. Maybe throw in an additional bonus one in at 100K gems spent. So if you spend 100K in gems, you would of received 5 of these tokens.


This would work too. Really anything to keep us from getting burned by RNG on a time limited unit.

If a unit isn’t going to be available on a regular basis, there should be some method to guarantee that you can get it.

Blizzard has set a pity timer in Diablo 3 and Hearthstone (and maybe their other games too) where if someone is on the extreme bottom of RNG, they will be guaranteed a legendary drop.

While no longer relevant in D3, it would increase your chance of a drop after playing x amount of time untill you got a drop, and would reset with each legendary drop.

In hearthstone, you should average a legendary every 20 packs. If you hit 40 in a row without one, you are guaranteed one. The timer is seperate for each pack type.

This would translate into:

  • Elemental/Event: You should average a legendary every 40 pulls. If you go 80 without it, drop one.
  • Epic: average 77, pity 154
  • Epic troop: average 10, pity 20

Love the idea. Have no votes remaining and not sure how to reset, but +1


When I get bad boards I throw myself a pity party … with cake :wink:


Destiny had the same thing “Bad Luck Protection”. I’d give you a vote but somehow I’m out of them…along with likes??

P.S What is WITH limiting our ability to like and vote??
And what IS 403 ERROR

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Basically trying to access a page you don’t have permission to access.

Which begs the question …

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Your SH has some tough security @nevarmaor? Laser motion sensors?? How can you afford them on a heroes salary!!!

No I’m all low tech. You remove one of my cups from the pedestal it sits on and a giant boulder rumbles out of nowhere to crush your head (a la Kids In The Hall). Even if you try to replace it with a bag of dirt.

bump, as I think a lot more people would agree with this feature, it’s a fair way to distribute heroes and troops, where complaining about the drop chance is shut to a halt

I love this feature and many games have it. Ironically the clone, Mythwars Puzzles which is an EXACT replica of EnP implements a feature like this. In the upper raid tiers you get gold coins which you can collect and use for an epic pull similar to the atlantis coins.
They do seem to accept they need this as they are adding the random atlantis coins since for players like me I can’t get anymore after beating all levels on all difficulties other than the seahorse. The events will soon have coins like this as well and when you get 10 you can do an event pull. In beta you get them from random heroes plus completing each difficulty. I think it is rare-3, epic-5-legendary-7 so that gives you 15 and should get you another 5 by random drops for at elast 2 pulls per event. Plus they can be used in any event which is great.

Would like the game to have a counter when you buy hero summons. It should slowly increase the chanse of getting a 5* but only until you get a 5* then it becomes zero again.

As for now - doing 10 x 10-pulls from hero summoning without getting one single 5* is very frustrating. Makes at least me wanna quit and try something else…


Definitely, voted!

20 votes

Yes, I like it. And make it retroactive.

I shall be patiently awaiting the post in my in-game mail informing me that I have just received Morgan, Guinevere, King Arthur, Black Knight, Vivica, and Lady o’ the Lake as compensation for my formerly unfairly biased RNG. :grin:


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