Pirates team

Hi. I’m thinking about building a pirates team. The family bonuses are very decent, +15% on attack and +12% on mana regeneration. And they are by far the coolest looking family.
Looks can deceive. I don’t want to build a Kardashian clan. There must be some depth. :wink:
Could it work?
So far I’ve got Marie-T Lady L Sargasso Peters Boomer Vodnik.

For a defence I wouldnt recommend it as it be purple and green heavy. But to use on attack why not, 3-2 is a popular take for raiding.


Locke flank behind a red tank + Sargasso on wing is what I’d do for defense. But I agree on the offense part above, the bonus is good for offense mostly.

I’ve never really found Marie to be that good on defense myself. She might be an ok tank but I never see her in that spot (if you tank with her then I wouldn’t use Sargasso either).

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I still hesitate to max MT as i believe she is a bit mediocre. I have 2 C-Rigs +19 and Kunchen +8 already and can max another 2 C-Rigs if needed.

Only reason i do consider her is that i will max Locke this month and purpl/green is a solid attack-team.

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