Pirates of corellia stage 15 Epic Can't get past level 15

ps some are really new so I don’t have them leveled up yet

you… have way too many heroes and none of them are levelled up…


You need to pick 1 hero of each color, and start leveling them up to a usable standard. Your heroes are scattered everywhere, none of them are useful.

I would do Hu Tao, Grimm, Kiril, Gunnar Costumed, and if you can level up your Nordri to at least 3rd ascension, use Nordri. otherwise, use… I don’t even know. Just pick the highest TP dude you have that’s not purple.

Seriously, you need to start levelling up some 4-star heroes, and level them to max instead of spreading all your feeders around randomly.


thanks all the way around I have begun to realize that and will do. I appreciate your help, all of you!

ps sorry what is TP?

TP = Team Power (20 characters)


THX! I am kind if newt the forum and don’t know the abbreviations you all use


Maybe this thread can help you a little bit to understand the forum-jargon/abbreviations.



Lightbenter 11

suggest to STOP using those blue diamonds(ur addicted) and build up your teams. for challenges IOM u need at least 3 of each of the colors to compete. That is with them completely maxed out. Emblems for 3*'s are not worth given your whole bench. In the 4* world be choosy which one to emblem,( U can search the site for suggestions. The for war you need to have at least 6 of each color maxed and at least 6 healers(12-15 is betters), SO STOP AND BUILD!!!

If you can max out Hawkmoon and Brienne costumes and put emblems on them for extra life and armor. You can go for a:
Hu Tao-Kailani-Gormek-Hawkmoon-Brienne
You will need Antidotes and a good diamond cascade with Brienne’s attackr or armor debuff maxed out or near the max. And pray you have enough to kill the other 2 bosses
This looks like your best chance and, to be honest they are not very high.

You do have a lot of good heroes that if leveled you can complete events in the future.
Gretel, Guardian Jalckal, Buddy, Hansel, Willbur, Rigard with his costume, Merlin, Wu kong (you have Ravnir, but he is an option for Epic events).

Also, the same thing I found my self advicing to another new player in another thread, very similar to yours. Do not spread your feeders, focus on maxing 1 hero at a time. And while it may not seem fun, I strongly advice you to start maxing: Willbur, Guardian Jackal and Buddy. This three 4* alone will boost your Titan dmg A LOT, which in turns means better % of getting ascencion mats.

setting aside the event.

My advice:

a) stop buying more heroes
b) max out three 3* heroes of each color
c) max out three 4* heroes of each color
d) once you have your 3s and 4s, begin maxing out 3 5* of each color
e) focus on gems being spent on troops (only troops) until you have accomplished steps b,c and d.
f) once you are done with steps b,c and d, focus on summoning for 5* heroes that improve your roster.
g) the events will become easy at this point.
h) max out a total of five 3* and 4* for each color (maybe more than 5 if you get much better ones over time)


The only other piece of advice I would give you, and oddly I’ve repeated this a few times recently :confounded:

You are not alone. GL.

This is a tough battle you prob gonna have to carpet bomb it as suggested!

Great advice thanks!

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Thank you couple of questions(and super advice thanks ) Iam not aware of putting emblems? Also not sure of what you mean by a good diamond cascade? ThNk you for taking the time to help!

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Sound advice thank you so much! I am learning much from all of you sincere gratitude!

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Thanks didn’t even know they existed. I have a lot to learn I started playing nearly a year ago and dove in.obviously so,e foreknowledge would have helped. Hey thanks to all of you!

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This little blue buggers are the


They are a hard to get resouce, so unless you buy the offers as they come, new player wont have many to spare. They can only be used on maxed heroes and they give you options to power up their stats/abilities.
Only reason to start using them on 3’s, would be to have a slim chance at completing this event. Which unless you really want to give it your all, I wouldnt advice. Just bit the bullet and prepare for the next event.

As for “A good cascade off of diamonds”, it’s a strategy that ppl use when playing and it goes as follow:
Before the boss stage, you set up your board in a way that it has a Diamond (which is the special tile you get after doing a x5+ combo: the one that if you click it, it will explode and consume every tile of it’s color). The color of the diamond you want to look for is the one, the bosses or boss in the next stage are weak against. Once you have the diamond, you want to get as many tiles of the color of said diamond as possible (ideally you want said tiles to be under the boss you want to hit).

To do this, you usually leave 1 monster/enemy/creep (w/e you want to call them) with very low hp. The position for this monster needs to be opposite of where you want to build your Diamond+tiles. And once you feel you have a good setup, you go and kill the very low hp monster on the other side of the boards (with a dmg item, an ult that you can “waste” or by doing a x3/x4 tile combination: carefull here because you can cause a “cascade” effect, which is the name of the strategy meaning you want to activate a chain reaction off of a tile combination that will get you as mani combos as possible).
Another thing, ppl do with this strategy is get all their heroes with 100% mana so the moment they get to the boss stage, they activate ults and use the diamond for a board cascade.

@Lightbender11 Just to add my less-than-expert thought. I’m relatively new (August 2019), very C2P (an occasional 0.99 and 1.99 gem offer) and only currently only have FOUR 5*. Despite that though I breezed through Epic and even completed Legendary (barely) with only maxed 4*. My unlevelled 5* were not much help, especially as the best one is purple!

I admit to not entirely sticking to the rules and levelling those few, rare 5* up to the point where they’re better than my best 3s but that’s mostly because I don’t have very many of ANY heroes compared to those who buy lots, and my limited budget means I have plenty of time to go back and level the 3 or 4* I abandoned earlier. Also this slow pulling rate means that I can easily collect the mats for those 5* I do have with no real concern about ‘giving them to the wrong hero’ as it’s likely going to be ages until I get another of that colour levelled up anyway.

I’ve even got to the point where I’m not immediately summoning when I earn 300 gems, now saving up and giving myself a cushion for particular elements, events or perhaps, in time, saving up for a 10 pull. Right now though, I’ve more than enough heroes to level up for quite a while (apart from yellow. Need more unique Holy Heroes!) and I’d say you’re in a similar position. Time to save up your gems for things that will help you level up your current heroes and then get training those feeders.

I’d also recommend reading this forum for hints and tips on which heroes are the ‘best’ and which ones to use in which situation. It really has helped me to improve dramatically recently.

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