🏴‍☠ Pirates of Corellia: Marie-Thérèse – Thoughts & Discussion

Yeah slow mana, little life and debuffable makes her a little meh. Maybe if she would reduce enemies defense would be better bonus. Or… average mana speed. Dunno.

Very disappointed. Good skills but all these skills are useless because of slow mana speed. I did so many raids and she helped me out only once. I want my tabards back :frowning:

She is weak and not fearful.
Zombie mode also have weak attack

Here’s the video

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Yeah the zombies are weak. Her main special hits fairly hard for a healer though. But I think the zombies should also have maybe a 50%+ higher attack stat or she should be average speed.

She really should’ve come with an attack buff over defense buff

SG, Fix her! I really want to like her. That is all.

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Yup, finally got my tabard, and I am moving her up ahead of Kunchen (because I am bored silly with all the Kunchens out there.

SG, you can fix her anytime now! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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What would you like them to fix?

Zombies…they are like renfeld 1/1…


You know, I kind a like leaving those ideas to the beta testers…But clearly that didn’t work. Better Zombies :zombie:‍♂ is the obvious one. Slow mana to average if you don’t want tougher zombies. Non-dispellable and better Zombies. More Damage than 168% when she fires.

I’m not looking for an overpowered Marie Therese…but for a 5* hero she is awfully subpar. AIGER is an example of how they took a subpar HOTM, And turned him into something worth having.

KHAGAN might be the better Parallel. He still is not super, but they made some significant changes that really make him a bit more desirable.

Given the fact that this is a pirate hero, and all of the heroes seem to be undead…Even though I like several of these ideas, I think beefing up to zombies is more in line with the hero (That includes the idea of making them tougher, and possibly making them non dispellable)


If you only have a 1.3% at getting a 5* hero, that heroes ability should be meaningful. I’m not saying that for you not to tear, I’m hoping SG reads this

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Yeah that’d be nice as I managed to pull 2 of her lol.

I also heard an interesting argument that her having defense buff is stupid because it stands in the way of creating zombies. They were saying she should have an attack buff so that each turn puts pressure on the opponent whether or not they want to accept the buffed attack and hope they can survive or whether they want to attack back but then create zombies. Sort of like how Black Knight puts pressure with his scaling attack buff forcing opponents to attack with specials but maybe have the damage reduced to 1. Marie’s defense buff is counterintuitive to her zombie making.

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BUT, once you get the Zombies, they shouldn’t be so laughable that they don’t matter. Well, either way, I’m in for a pound. I think she should have a crossover family with the vampires too

Holy crap people are OVERLY harsh about her. I ■■■■■■■ love Marie Therese and she saves my team and gets me the win more often than Guin, Finley, and Frida do on my team. She is ■■■■■■■ clutch!

I have a high mana troop and pirate family bonus so my Marie Therese is essentially an average mana hero.

168% is technically meh, but MT has a huge attack stat and often time does about 300 points of damage to every hero on a team. For a hero whose role is not for attacking, that is just a wonderful bonus on top! Also, ya know that feeling when you have two enemies that are beaten up but a hard hitter can only take out one? Well fire MT first and let your heroes who take on other roles take out the higher health enemies.

Then the defense buff. Kind of comes out of nowhere, but hell yeah I’ll take it!

HoT. It’s strong and she keeps ya healed.

Zombies.are.■■■■■■■.awesome!!! They have won the game for me so many ■■■■ times. Zombies aren’t meant to be full strength heroes. I can’t believe how many people are like, zOmBiEs cOmE bAcK wEaKeR, ThEy sUcK! Would you rather them be dead!!! They are a shield for your other heroes. Plus, they still have full hp. My Marjana zombie is hard to take down and survives hits from snipers easily. Asking for full stat zombies is like asking for Mother North and Alberich to revive at 100% health. The zombies are cannon fodder to protect your living heroes and keep you in the game! If you are about to take a hit from Liana, would you rather it hit a zombie and keep your hero alive or would you rather have your regular hero be dead and the Lianna ability to hit your remaining alive heroes?! I have won many games with only zombies left and no alive heroes. It’s awesome.

Finally, I’m so annoyed at the immediate “dispellable ability - meh they suck!!!” argument I see in so many threads for so many heroes. ■■■■, nearly every ability in the entire game is able to be dispelled or cleansed.Whatever Aegir, Guin, Kunchen, Justice, Hel, Poseiden, Finley, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Kiril, Santa, Sartana, Drake Fong, and SO MANY OTHERS can be dispelled/cleansed. There is a counter to everything! Hell there are even heroes who can dispel all things even undispellable things now. Just because something is dispellable (which the high majority of things will be) doesn’t make them a bad hero.

To end off… Marie-Therese is a ■■■■■■■ badass and I absolutely love her! People see slow and they are going to hate no matter what. She’s a fantastic hero!


Thanks for sharing your experience. What other pirates do you use her with and what level mana troop?

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I use her with Finley. Plus, when Finley goes first and can attack everyone, MT hits even harder.

With Finley and MT on the same team, they both receive a 3% attack and 2% mana boost

I have a level 17 mana troop for MT

Thanks. Finley and MTx2 were the Pirates I got from the event as well. Finley is behind Ariel in the queue and MT has been sitting at 2.60 since I’ll probably ascend Jabberwock as my first purple 5*

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Honestly, I think your missing out on a phenomena combo of Ariel Finley and MT. Ariel is a direct healer who cleanses and gives mana boost. Finley is a badass sniper and gives defense down. MT does basically everything but her HoT would be DEADLY when paired with Ariels direct heal and mana gen and her attack is much stronger with Finley’s defense down and family bonus. Those 3 have phenomenal synergy and MT really connects them all together without even including her defense buff and ability to keep heroes in the game via zombies instead of just being flat out dead.

JabberW is cool but he struggles because you can’t aim his ability his ability. Say a healer or sniper is 1 turn away from healing or crippling your team, and you REALLY need that healer or sniper dead but JW is the only hero with his mana filled. You can’t do anything if that healer or sniper is the tank or flank (if the wings are still alive) and then you have to concede and let that hero do it’s thing.


I find her to be quite fun in the supporting role as she makes my damage dealers more sturdy on offense and her zombies make it so that defense snipers have a chance to hit them and not my other alive heroes.

Personally she is quite fun and balanced. Her zombies are quite fine, but a small damage boost to them might help. Sometimes I feel they hit harder or weaker depending on the target but very fast mana means they can keep striking like the snakes she possesses


Does her healing and defense buff apply to zombies as well?

Yes they do.

To all the users above. A zombie gets their ability taken away with a new one. The new ability is meh. The zombie isn’t supposed to be a hard hitter, they are meant to be cannon fodder which extends your teams longevity in staying alive and winning the game. It’s unrealistic to expect a full health zombie of your dead hero with full stats. That’s like having mothernorth resurrect with 100%. Since these zombies are cannon fodder, I’d rather have a zombie with 1500 health (my Marjana) and a meh 500 attack stat than a reduced health zombie with their normal attack stat. It’s not like the zombie is hitting for Marjana’s 458% damage anymore, they only have their zombie ability now. The longer the zombies stay alive the better and the fact that these zombies get full hp is the most important part. A meh attack that usually does 200 points of damage is just icing on the cake.

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