🏴‍☠ Pirates of Corellia: Marie-Thérèse – Thoughts & Discussion

Yeah slow mana, little life and debuffable makes her a little meh. Maybe if she would reduce enemies defense would be better bonus. Or… average mana speed. Dunno.

Very disappointed. Good skills but all these skills are useless because of slow mana speed. I did so many raids and she helped me out only once. I want my tabards back :frowning:

She is weak and not fearful.
Zombie mode also have weak attack

Here’s the video

Yeah the zombies are weak. Her main special hits fairly hard for a healer though. But I think the zombies should also have maybe a 50%+ higher attack stat or she should be average speed.

She really should’ve come with an attack buff over defense buff

SG, Fix her! I really want to like her. That is all.

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