🏴‍☠ Pirates of Corellia: Marie-Thérèse – Thoughts & Discussion

Similar skill to atomos. it’s hard to say who is better…

Bravo for SG for atomos…

She seems more like Alby to me, even though the mechanics of her revive are similar to Atomos.

I got her on a 10-pull. Unless it starts raining tabbards, she’ll be warming the bench for a couple of months.


That was a very interesting question, I just can’t picture them fighting on the same team :rofl: I will say, the character intrigues me, it has a certain ‘fun factor’ to it.

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You don’t get to see those pairings in Diamond.

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Also, since her isn’t undispellable: do you know if her zombie status can be cleansed or dispelled from her allies?

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This is the Zombies’ special skill:

Poison Bite

Mana Speed: Very Fast (Didn’t know that before :astonished:)

  • Deals 240% damage to the target.
  • The target receives 70 Poison damage over 6 turns. (This is the base amount which will always be higher due to the +att from troops)

@zephyr1 Maybe you want to add this info in your OP? :slight_smile:

Side Note: I calculated the 70 Poison base damage based on two findings: 90 damage with +25% troop and 78 damage with +10% troop. Hence, 1% in attack bonus from troops seems to give an additional 0,8 Poison damage if I’m not mistaken.

+25% attack troop: poision%20bite
+10% attack troop: poison%20bite2

One thing that surprised me tho was the HP of the Zombie-Hero. Why is the HP lower than Marie-Therese’s base HP?! I tested her at 1/1 with 632 HP. So shouldn’t the Zombie-hero have at least 632 HP as well since it says “100% health”? :thinking:


Yes, her special can be dispelled. But once the hero dies and is already a Zombie, this state cannot be dispelled anymore I’d assume.


Thanks, that makes sense.

I’m assuming too then that Muggy’s bruiser bro buff overwrites Atomos’ immortal buff based on the fact that Muggy overwrites Marie’s zombie buff

EDIT: oddly enough, it looks like zombie state isn’t considered a buff :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just a state. Unlike Muggy’s Chameleon mode… I’ll have to check Muggy out to see if this was changed for him recently.

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That’s my guess, yes. :slight_smile: And Marie-Therese will also overwrite Atomos and vice versa.


Thank you Aqua, I’ll keep this in mind when I update the Status Effects thread later today.

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Added, thanks! :heart_decoration:

She’s ok. Not great at slow many and only regen instead of heal. At least the family bonus can help somewhat.
Her skill is kind of strange. Regen and Def buff but then also revival. It’s not synergy but damage control. And dispel makes her useless.

Has it been tested if the Zombie revival works in bloody battle? Not like she would be good there anyway.

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I’ve ran into Atomos this tournament and his does not work there. So I’m going to assume that her zombie revival wouldn’t work there either.


Neither Muggy nor Alberich revive in Bloody Battle either, so that seems like a safe assumption.


I wouldn’t say dispel makes her useless. There are many heroes with dispellable abilities and aren’t useless. Yeah, it helps if it’s undispellable but not every ability out there can be that, or else what’s the point? Guin can be dispelled, but she still wrecks ■■■■.

I’m excited for Marie-Therese, with so many things happening when she goes off, I think she will create a lot of chaos and I am excited for her dynamic on people’s teams. I think she will be a great flank. Plus 100% health on the zombies seems really badass!


I’m not sold on her resurrected zombies, they don’t seem all that useful to me. 500 atk and 500 def is really bad, even with the v. fast skill it’s not that strong of a hit.

Muggy’s chameleons seem better, because at least those revive with their original stats in place (the defense and attack modifiers are on top of their original stats).

Would be curious to hear others thoughts on the zombies. The rest of her skill seems like the better treat to me though.


She’s interesting — but not enough to displace the
two loves in my life:

big-city livin’ and
a voodoo woman named Phyllis.


Guin kicks ■■■ because of her mana steal. She can’t be dispelled for at least one turn after she fires and her regen kicks in twice because of that (unless you have a way to resist mana steal). Also she’s average mana which makes it harder to have a dispel ready before she fires.

Marie on the other hand is easy to dispel. Plan a bit ahead and charge a dispeller before she is full and you can dispel in the next round.
1 round of regen, a bit of damage and a bit of damage prevention from her def buff. Maybe not completely useless, but definitely not a hero I’d put in a defense team.


I’ve made a note of her Zombie blessing in the Status effects thread.

When I fought her in the challenge event, I didn’t notice a buff or anything like that for her resurrected zombies :confused: But I did note that zombies themselves can not get the buff again.

Also with @Aquaginera_7DD’s help, we noticed that Muggy’s Bruiser Bro does not stack with Zombie blessing. Since Atomos and Muggy don’t stack, I’m assuming the same is true for the zombie blessing.


Are her buffs supposed to be un-dispellable? Cuz when I went up against her as a boss in the Epic-15 level, I would hit her with Sonya, and the health regen, defense buff, and zombie blessing remained active on her and her allies. I only noticed it on this level, so I’m not sure if she did it on other levels.

If it’s supposed to be un-dispellable, the power description should say so. If not, then the bug should be fixed.


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