🏴‍☠ Pirates of Corellia: Finley – Thoughts & Discussion

Thanks for the advices , good to get some feedback as haven’t come across him in raids or wars yet

Any ideas on best placement of Finley on D team? I’ve been playing him at left flank:

Zim - Finley - Ursena - Joon - Kingston

Finley is definitely a VERY strong defender, and an incredibly strong punish for color stacks with HotM. That said, I’m not convinced that he’s better than Alasie for defense, and I’m far from convinced that he’s the best blue attacker.

As you stated non-HotM generally dont have a ton to fear from him, and sans buffs Finley is actually pretty mediocre. Yes, HotM usage is common, but is certainly far from necessary. There appears to be a learning curve to dealing with Finley, similar to Aegir, but once we adjust to playing around him I doubt we will feel that he is OP. He’s still a strong defender, and punishing attackers who misjudge or forget about elemental links on their attack will always make him a strong choice for defense.

Edit: To clarify, I’m not suggesting that Hotm should be left at home, just that judgment/discretion/careful target selection must be exercised if he seems poised to fire

You can certainly work around him a bit but I’ve found the best work around is to kill him early, he’s a high target priority in the same fashion that gm, zeline, King, ursena and other heroes you’d prefer not fire (I generally don’t prioritize alasie). It’s harder to work around not having buffs active, in almost all of my teams I have some type of hotm link, and he punishes that if left alone. The duration of the link makes it hard to time in a battle so I just take him out, and make sure I have counter for the rest of the team if possible (debuff, cleanse, heal whatever). No hero is safe from a good board, the room for error on average / bad is just shrinking a bit and there’s more high target heroes on defenses… think it creates more dependence on boards that way and more stacking (mono) cause of how quick you need to be. But that’s another story. Just 2 cents anyway, I just play.


Just keep in mind that while there may be a progressing field of threats that need be dealt with we have also be gradually accruing answers to those threats. Offenses are becoming more aggressive and buffs/heals/atk downs are becoming more common. Certainly the more threats that a defense has that must be dealt with the tougher it is to deal with all of them in time, but this is nothing new. Now we are just going to have to reprioritize targets and adjust accordingly as Finley shifts the meta. I do not see him drastically shifting raid winrate to no longer be strongly in favor of the attackers, though I do foresee a lot of underestimating his power and lost raids as a result of being punished for miscalculation. This will inevitably lead to gripe threads that gradually fade much the same way you rarely see complaint threads about Alby defenses like when he first came out.

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Offensive strength is also a bit board dependent, with heroes I have now its basically and instant win if I have 9 tiles on the board (3 matches) (not literally, like match over, but close enough). That’s already pretty fast, I don’t know how much stronger it can really get. And don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with new defensive threats, I still win a high percent of matches regardless of defense so long as the board is workable. Just seems to me the speed of matches is getting faster and faster, which maybe isn’t a bad thing, so long as you have the heroes… I just don’t want to continue the chase forever I guess, but that’s my own battle.

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What hero buffs of yours has he punished you for?

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All HoTM elemental links because I run mono teams.

Finley is your Kryptonite lol

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The best combo with him is Wilbur + Finley. Looks like a super finish.

It seems that Finley’s reign of terror has its days numbered. While not having the strong color against ice, Jean-François has some skills that look like they were made to fight Finley. For example:

  • All allies get +94% defense against Ice for 4 turns.
  • All allies get Defense Status Ailment Protection for 4 turns. New status ailments affecting defense will be replaced by +42% defense for 4 turns.

Even their mana speed is equal. Jean’s reign of terror, if the nerf doesn’t make He useless, will be something for us to think about “tomorrow.”

Not to mention that, being a HOTM, Jean’s presence will be much larger than Finley’s.


Your post ruined my day. I had not thought of that. I caught two Finleys at the last event and was already maximizing the second. With this assessment, I will be cheering that JF receives a gigantic nerf. I don’t even like him anymore.



Not really. Finley is still a monster.

At most, only 1 hero to counter ain’t bad at all.
It is not like the whole world nerfed him.


I know. I am being dramatic. :grimacing::rofl::upside_down_face:


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Sorry, my intention was not that.

Two?! Congratulations, he is an excellent hero, worth the items. SG providing an opposition to him is proof of that. Jean has not even been released, until February much can change. Have a nice day.


I wish I had Finley, especially after facing him several times in raids.

He is effective. If he faces no buffs he is a slightly below average fast sniper with a useful defense debuff on a single hero. His upside is tremendous due to the buffs. I have only seen him as wing (mostly) and flank so by the time he fires you are almost certain to have a buff and may have some wounded heroes. If Finley pops he is very effective and has left me hanging by a thread several times. His first two hits are properly strong, the last hits are weaker but the defense down leaves those heroes very vulnerable.

My personal opinion: I have an intense dislike for mono raiding and if he forces people to think up other team compositions I cheer for it. Since I don’t have him, I’ll still be annihilated by mono raiders, c’est la vie.

It feels like Jean-Francois is a counter to him as initially designed, we will see when finally released several months from now.

Alasie vs Finley…hmmm. Alasie has always been a bane because she hits hard and messes with my mana. At this moment, I prefer to face Finley than Alasie but it really depends on the rest of the team. I tend to die if I cannot fire my specials but I do have some beefy heroes that can take a direct sniper hit.


Mitsuko is a great counter now.
Finley will die immediately.

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I use that defense lol, except mine goes Finley Kage Guin Gravy Kingston.

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He is in a lot of the raid leaderboard teams now, often with Kingston

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