Pirates event

Just curious as to when the pirates event is going to start this month? Thanks in advance

should be next Thursday. Usually the 2nd Thursday of every month the event comes.


Ok awesome thank you

Super ! Thanks for info .

What is the pirates event?

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Anyone got the pirate stage card handy? I can never find my copy.


Forgot I had it in my EP bookmarks lol


there you go

Informations >>

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Um… can anyone provide a link to something that explains this as i’ve looked on here and found a couple things, but still got no idea how it works?

What do you want to know?

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I saw somewhere on the forum that events actually start on the Thursday that is before the second Saturday of the month, which is not always the second Thursday. It was like that with Fables. So that means event should have already started, unless something changed?

There’s a link in this thread.

Thank you so much for making those! So helpful! :grinning:

Hi awesome … thanks so.much

[Update_09_PirateEvent1] crossed_swords Our very first Challenge Event, Pirates of Corellia, starts TODAY, so get ready to battle! Compete with other players for amazing prices. You can find the Event on the Quest map. crossed_swords Please remember to check out the Rules and our new FAQ on the event below! crossed_swords We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the Challenge Events. Please share your feedback on this dedicated forum thread: Challenge Events Feedback.

That link is over a year old & has about 200 entries so I’ll just use this thread.

This is the first time that I did all three levels of the event; it was a lot of fun and challenging --especially stage 10 in the legendary bracket. It cost me a lot of time stops to get through that one!

Lots of good loot too!

Keep them coming, SG!

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