Pirates Corellia New Challenge Event

sure, but level troops 4 levels takes a ton of fodder and troops to feed. and prob increases your hero attack by 4-6. that’s like 4 levels of a hero, which is much less food and hero fodder.

Oh no I didn’t level all those troops for this event. Below is the team that took me through stages 1-9 without any do-overs.


For the last stage I swapped out Kailani for Gunnar, leveled Natalya 10 levels, and leveled a red 3* troop one level (Barbaric Maulers). I tried Ulmer before Gunnar, for his attack stat, but he just could not survive the 3 bosses. Spirit Link really bought some time.

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i had no problem with the last battle in any category, finished the first time. Only have one maxed hero, grimm, and wu is practically maxed too, all the others are tier 3. My 3* heroes are pitiful, so I was surprised I finished it. Only used minor antidotes, medium hp porions and a dragon attack in the advanced tier. Here are my teams


Thanks everyone who posted their team. Really motivated me to beat advance, albeit with 75 gems continuation. Worth it for me.:slightly_smiling_face:


first time playing this challenge, any advice to get the higher score possible ? colors stacking ? rainbow ? battle items usefull to get higher score ?

I will do only rare, i only have two 4* and they arent maxed, only at 3/60 so i guess its not possible to complete legendary with only 2 4* ? ( its chao and colen)

3rd link is for a different event but can give u an idea of how to beat this one



im lazy :wink: this morning :smile:


ok thanks :slight_smile:

With only two 4* Chao and colen at 3/60 and the other heros 3* is it possible to complete all level on epic ? i really need a compass to ascend my chao :frowning:

you can add 2 healers, antidotes… and can give it a try…

Excuse my ignorance; I’m still learning tactics… I see that players, like in your screenshot, use two or or more heroes of the same colour to play this challenge. I thought that if you used three red heroes, omitted colour tiles would be ineffective, so why is that tactic used? Also, in your case, you’ve used a 3* blue hero, not higher. Please can you explain? Cheers…

Just remember to try to do the first stage of all 3 levels.
Doesnt matter if you win or lose, but it guarantees the summon token for each level as a reward :slight_smile:


Just did epic stage 6 - all green except boomer - with a 1/1 colen… By mistake… :smile:

But used 3 healers and is the easiest stage from last 5 :wink:

Others can explain this concept far better than I can, but the general idea is that when you use multiple heroes of the same color, the tiles for that color become a lot stronger. Sure, the tiles of the color you have voided now only hit for 1 HP, but since you control to a significant degree which tiles you attack with, you can maximize the use of the tiles you have multiple heroes for and minimize the use of the tiles that you don’t have the color for. Yes, you run the risk of running into a board where you’re stuck sending the ineffective tiles, but the pros outweighs the cons.

The gain in the tradeoff is even more pronounced when you’re running multiples of a color that is strong against the colors you’re fighting against and you don’t use the color that is weak against them.

And in the Event Challenges, there’s the added factor of there being one color that many/most of the monsters repel, taking no damage and causing you damage, so you don’t want to include that color in your team, that way if you end up having to send tiles of that color, it doesn’t end up hurting you.

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Is it just me, or are the monster colors on the reference card in the Memento 4 Events Player Guides thread for this event no longer accurate?

For instance, Stage 2 is supposed to be all green, but I’m pretty sure there were some reds in there.

dont remember stage 2, but just finished the last 5 stages from epic and the colors matched

I’m wondering that if Proteus’s skill works on purple enemies in this event, which reflects purple? Thank in advance for your answer! Proteus is very helpful in every event and rare quest so far, but I got him after this event so I’m curious :slight_smile:

His special will be reflected if purple colour will be reflect. So no. Had the same situation with Onatel at Teltoc

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His skill will work, but I’m unsure if DOT damage is reflected? Either way, you will have a hard time keeping him alive since using purple tiles will squish him like a bug :frowning: (But not all, just some refelect purple, so for some levels he will be ok)

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his skill will be reflected on himself, I thought Onatel will suffer only damage but will keep mana stealing - BUN NO, entire special skill with status was reflected on caster.

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Thank you guys, I will try it and confirm in next 2 months

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