Pirates Corellia New Challenge Event


Are there any videos or tips on how to complete the last 2 stages of the Advanced level?


Charge up specials before bosses. Nuke with items. Have diamonds on board for bosses. Bring small antidotes.


I had heroes charged and used small antidotes, but I don’t know what diamonds are…and ‘nuke’ with what items???


I threw 5 dragon attacks, 5 bombs, and 5 arrows at them. You can also add in 5 axes. That takes a big chunk of their HP off.

If you get wiped out, you can spend 75 gems to revive with full HP. I think it’s worth it for the tier completion rewards.


Thanks. I’m stuck at level 9 (advanced). I did use axes and arrows but their mana goes to 100% when you hit them with a feather. I dread thinking that level 10 will be tougher.


I’m afraid that I can confirm: Level 10 is much tougher! Did not have to much trouble with 9, but 10 seems impossible with my crew. There are 3 (!) bosses at the end of stage 10 :confused:


Last time I brute forced my way through with mostly fully leveled Boldtusk, Caedmon, Grimm, Wu Kong and Chao. A hard slog, but manageable.
This time I just cheesed it, using BT, Alberich( 3/70), Grimm, Wu Kong and Jackal, unloading full loads of dragon attacks, bombs and axes on the bosses before throwing my special attacks in, targeting Locke. After that, it wasn’t too hard to polish them off. 20k score difference between that level and all the others I did too, presumably due to the time bonus.


(Forgive the lack of knowledge of the names of the enemies…)
What I did was (over and above the basic 'go in to the boss encounter fully charged in health and mana):

Largely ignore the poisoning wench (on the right). She actually doesn’t hit particularly hard and you cleanse her D.O.T. with antidote.
Focus on the LHS guy first - his attack scales with your mana, so can be dangerous. If you see him charged up and any of your team has a lot of mana, consider a preemptive heal if their health is not close to max.

If you have Boril or Cyprian, I recommend one of them. With a reflector in force, the captain is well denuded by the time you focus on him.

If you have TimeStop, you may want to consider it to take the pressure off while you recharge. As it turns out I just went in with health, mana, small antidotes and Meteors.

My team: Melendor, Boldtusk, Gormek, Boril, Chao. (Nope, I don’t have a better yellow. :roll_eyes: ). All maxed. Didn’t find it particularly tough. Having the 2 healers really helps.

P.S.) This was a team for completion / survival. Wasn’t going in to minimise time.)


Diamonds clear all of same color. Nuke, bombs aces dragons arrows etc


Some use such items as axes and bombs to maximize damage…


Stage 10 took me at least 6 tries before I could beat it. Lots of swapping in & out 3* heroes to see who could make it to the end.

Leveling Natalya & troops in between failures is what I think got me over the line. Her special was crucial. By the time the winning battle was done all I had left was a few antidotes. Now I have my last orb to fully ascend precious Wu!


leveling troops added maybe 1% to attacks. It was leveling your heroes that helped. :slight_smile:


Every percentage point matters when you’re trying to creep to the finish line! Haha


sure, but level troops 4 levels takes a ton of fodder and troops to feed. and prob increases your hero attack by 4-6. that’s like 4 levels of a hero, which is much less food and hero fodder.


Oh no I didn’t level all those troops for this event. Below is the team that took me through stages 1-9 without any do-overs.

For the last stage I swapped out Kailani for Gunnar, leveled Natalya 10 levels, and leveled a red 3* troop one level (Barbaric Maulers). I tried Ulmer before Gunnar, for his attack stat, but he just could not survive the 3 bosses. Spirit Link really bought some time.


i had no problem with the last battle in any category, finished the first time. Only have one maxed hero, grimm, and wu is practically maxed too, all the others are tier 3. My 3* heroes are pitiful, so I was surprised I finished it. Only used minor antidotes, medium hp porions and a dragon attack in the advanced tier. Here are my teams


Thanks everyone who posted their team. Really motivated me to beat advance, albeit with 75 gems continuation. Worth it for me.:slightly_smiling_face: