Pirate quest

I was playing the rare pirate quest. Stage 10 I was defeated chose to continue I got 2 turns then was defeated again, with less than half power on the enemy chose to continue again took me 3 times before i was able to have more than 1 or 2 turns before all my heroes were killed in one hit it was very frustrating I just didn’t 5 bucks getting diamonds. The way this went down was very unfair and I can’t see how it possibly happened to have all my heroes killed after just 1 or 2 turns. Can anything be done for possible reimbursing me the 500 diamonds lost with this issue? Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter

What is your team that you used for this stage? And what was your strategy? This doesn’t seem like a bug but just a bad board or a team not strong enough to beat this level.

I was below 2k team power not by choice o couldn’t choose my main heroes. I didn’t have a problem till that stage. Still shouldn’t have been defeated after just a couple turns

Team power doesn’t mean anything, what heroes did you use? It is possible to be defeated in 2 turns. Enemies could have buffs on them, your heroes could have ailments on them. There are a lot of ways this can be possible.

To be honest I have never used gems to revive. If I lose I go and try again with a different strategy. I find this works best. I lose items sure but whatever. I prefer going in with a full team and change strategy a little.

That’s my 2 cents…

I just got my heroes no buffs on them or anything, i used equipment to help. Definitely a lesson learned will never use gems again in a battle. Likely won’t spend money again either because of this issue.
I had bane lvl 35 ascend 3. Jahangir maxed. Karil lvl 32 ascend 3. Hawk moon lvl 18 ascend 2. I can’t remember the 3rd I used it to level up

This looks like your team was not strong enough to beat the level. The last stage is always 3 bosses and even if you did fine in the previous levels, the last one is always the hardest.

There was only 2 bosses both with little hp left. Still shouldn’t have lost my entire team with one hit specially while using defense banners and idk kinda frustrated and pissed on this one. Something wasn’t right

Hopefully will hear from an admin person. On this matter. I didn’t really realize this was being posted in the community forum frustrated over this part too

you will not hear from anyone at sgg unless you open a support ticket.

Well, if you still think it’s a bug you need to report it via ingame support. SGG doesn’t discuss invidual cases on the forum.

I just finished legendary and didn’t find it as difficult as other events.

I took Wilbur@60 Joon BT Grimm Wu

Will be trying epic soon.

I was trying to open a ticket but wouldn’t let me. I’ll try again later I guess. Thanks everyone