PINOY ON TOP is Recruiting


"You are walking through the forest and decided to stomp on a nearby critter. You missed and the little jerk runs up your leg and into your armor and begins to Gnaw on your SOFT BITS. Do you:

A - calmly remove your armor and release the thing; or
B - Borrow the hammer of Richard and ring yourself like a bell till the thing dies!

If you have chosen B then PINOY ON TOP ALLIANCE may just be the place for you!

Come and join our alliance where you will not have chat privileges or access to our bank accounts or credit cards but you can enjoy our perks. We just want your hams, irons, ingredients and ascension mats from looting mobs.

We are a group of PINOYS who likes to farm, quest, raid, slay, war and basically hang out. Nothing weird here, but if anything happens that’s cool too.

We are short on crazy so sign up!


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