Pin our country flag – Request Flags for Additional Countries [MASTER]

Can someone from SG pleeeeease let me know if my everyday checking in the shop for the flag/pin of my country is in vain or not? My country is from freaking Europe, I mean how hard is it to make it? What’s with the discrimination? :croatia:

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Let’s try to make something more constructive.
I’ve never checked the flag pins so I really don’t know how they work but…

Has anyone understood their rotation?
If yes I can write a small flag predictor.


You might want to check with @Kerrang . She/he seems to know a thing or two 'bout these things. :grin:

I’ve found the source for rotation.
Gonna enjoy my Saturday/Sunday then work this out somehow (presumably a Google doc).

Ooooooooook, so here we are.
Since I couldn’t sleep despite being tired I made a tool to guess the next appearance of a given pin.

It’s on Google Sheets which I don’t use much so I might have made a mess in so many different ways, but I hope it works, and I’d love you to check it.

It should be reasonably simple to use: it is preset with [hopefully] the current rotation but I’ve read that it can be offset by updates of the game so a “rephasing” menu based on the current (in the game!) pin is offered.
Next there’s a menu where you can choose your pin of interest and get instant [and hopefully correct] information on when it will be available again.
Finally a table shows the predicted full rotation starting on current date.

Keep in mind that the game is global, so “current date” has a fuzzy meaning.

  • old spreadsheet has been updated in a later message
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This is fantastic and much more usable than the one I had thrown together!
@Schmosby is maintaining a graphic (but not a spreadsheet) that can be found here.

Yours is the most usable of what’s out there, so I’m detailing out all of the corrections I can find

A couple comments on your list:

  • There are 2 mages, red & blue. The red one is the one “today” (after the LOL pin), and the Blue is after the Love pin.
  • There are 2 cats: Grey and Black. Grey is after the Sadness pin, Black is after the Rainbow pin (just before Dog)
  • There are 2 butterflies: Blue & Pink (or Red) - Blue is after Hungary. Pink is after Canada
  • 26/Apr (after Red Mage): I’m pretty sure is Australia, not England
  • 15/May - This is New Zealand, not Australia
  • 17-May - this is Great Britain, not England
  • I think “Helmet” is labeled as “Temple Guardian” in the game store.

Again, great work!


So apparently there are a couple fixes to be made and… I was also missing a flag as the full rotation appears to be of 123 (not 122).
I will work of the fixes ASAP :slight_smile:


Iteration 2:

Thank @nomadwolf for insight and correction, hope this performs :slight_smile:


A Puerto Rico pin would be nice! :puerto_rico: :puerto_rico::puerto_rico::puerto_rico:

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Mine is a spreadsheet and also auto updates. I just didn’t make it public as I wasn’t sure where I stood with publishing their assets (pins) by making the spreadsheet available.

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Trinidad and Tobago please!!! I have been waiting for sweet sweet TnT for years now. :trinidad_tobago::trinidad_tobago::trinidad_tobago::trinidad_tobago::trinidad_tobago::trinidad_tobago:

Hi small Giant team:
I’d like a Jamaican flag pin added to my account please ASAP.

Thank you.

Add uruguay. Always i’m check thd flags everyday

Is it possible to increase the number of country flags to 2 instead of a daily one? It would generate money faster to SG and give players more opportunities to find their country flags easier.

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The :albania: Albanian community has been waiting for the flag for forever :albania::albania::albania::albania::albania::albania::albania::albania::albania::albania:
I’m calling you out SG, You are Racists for sure.

As it stands there simply aren’t enough options for all the world flags.
(Which doesn’t explain why Ukraine comes around twice, though)


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Please, can you add that flag

India’s flag, please. :india:

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