Pin our country flag – Request Flags for Additional Countries [MASTER]

Further request for the Isle of Man flag. We have a league table! Why not a flag pin??


Hey SG
-29 of my friends & me are really looking forward to the India Flag pin it hasn’t been In The store for a few months now.
-It would really be great if you could look Into the matter & put it up asap!
-Thankyou so much.

The India Flag pin was in the store on January 28th (going into the 29th in India). The pins cycle every 122 days (approx), so you’ll next see it around May 30th.


Thankyou so much for the clarification…much appreciated

Do you think it will recycle back to the lightning bolt on February 28th?

Update: looking back on this, if the Chicago flag were available as a pin (or a background!!! :heart_eyes::star_struck:), I would hound the store every day until I got it. That would be an instantaneous purchase…

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Lightning bolt is 10 days after Singapore (which was today), so Feb 24th should be your target date.

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Me and my friends would love it if we could purchase the Puerto Rico flag background and Pin! Please please please make this happen!! Thank you!

Ps the State flags would be pretty dope too lol


I am a Nigerian and I have been playing this game for over two years, but I have never seen my country flag Avatar at the shop. The game developer’s should make all countries flag Avatar available at the store.

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