Pin our country flag – Request Flags for Additional Countries [MASTER]

I’ve been checking every day for an Australian Flag pin. Any ideas on when this is going to appear. These should be made available for purchase

I’ve put a spreadsheet up with the flag cycle here.
However, it may be off by a few days here and there.

Australia looks to be schedule for around August 17th. [also, dates are based on when I observe them in the US].

Would it be possible to request non-country flags? (not sure if it was asked before) For example:

  • Arstotzka flag
  • Pirate flag
  • Gay pride flag
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On behalf of the Belarusian people, I am asking for the addition of the Belarusian historical flag, which was changed in 1995 and has been pursued ever since. In the light of today’s political affairs, it is a mentally critical matter!
Please add it in the Alianse flags options and as a pin top.
Thank you so much!


I’ve been playing for six months and every day I check for a Canadian flag pin. image. Could you send one my way in the avatar shop, soon, please?

Thank you. I’ve made a note on my calendar. (I don’t know how I missed the one in July?!?)

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Can we get the African flag or pin please

Flag_of_the_UNIA.svg (1)

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