Piloted raids

I have a team with a power of over 3800 but I receive punctual attacks from 3300 or 3400 opponents and I lose continuously. Sometimes even doing revenge! I noticed that as I pass the 2200 trophies I get exterminated while if I’m underneath they make me win … So I wonder … but are they ■■■■■■■ raids make sense? If everything is programmed what do you need to win?

Attackers have the advantage of picking their team to counter your defense, making up for the team power gap. The ones who attack are the ones who (think)/know that they can defeat your defense.


Also you only see the attackers defensive team, not what they used to attack you.

So for all you know they might be attacking with a “4100+ team with exactly the fully leveled 5* heros to counter your”- team


Hi Winstone,

my team power is arround 3400 only but I notices that I get attacked even more when have a certain amount of trophies (might also be 2200). Also much weaker teams beat me up or equal teams earn 45 tropies for some reason. This stops when I fall under 1900 trophies…annoying. So I never get into diamond arena :sob:

You’re at the glass ceiling for an all 4-star hero team. The good thing is that your raiding still nets reasonable results as far as the chest goes despite not being diamond, and it’s not devouring all your ham!

I’m in a similar spot by the way. It takes (near) maxed 5-star heroes to lift the glass ceiling. Almost there…

Another thing to look at guys is that the higher cup ranges you get into, the wider base of active players that will come across you. New players tend to not raid as much and also have a lot of old accounts/inactive players to attack/come across so odds of players finding you are slimmer. Hope this makes sense. Higher the cup range = bigger amount of active players with stronger heros and teams

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Aka the shark pool.

So in essence you have a shark pool with a glass ceiling. If this wasn’t a game, that’d be a scary prospect!

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Exactly lol

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