Pig vs sheep

Gullinbursti or Woolerton?
Who is more worth compass and orbs?

By this you mean Gullinbursti vs. Lady Woolerton?

Personally I would go Woolerton first. Explanation:



@Guvnor nice interpretation of the question

TBH I’d go for the pig myself provided it’s this pig



Yes, exactly)

@FrenziedEye it is Gullinbursti vs Woolerton question)

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Go for the ewe. Ewe. Ewe. Eeewww…

I will go for Pig. It’s very useful for events as the health can be stacked before you reached the final stage of fighting the bosses


Wooley 1st, then Bursti.
Wooley will help Bursti to survive.

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hahaha… i’ll wait hero from lady woolertoon x guilinbursti… :laughing:

Gullinbursti first.
Lady Ewe-sless second.

He fills and interesting niche…
She’s worse than most of the S1 healers and only relevant if you’re dead set on rolling monos - even then, it’s only raids where she’ll be better than piggy.

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Can we just start calling him ManBearPig? I vote lady woo woo. Yellow healer much rare.

In the past 36 hours I have drawn two Gullinburstis and a second Vivica. I went from having one yellow healer to potentially four.

I have Sheep Lady on my second account and love her. I’d vote for her over ManPigBear too.

I vote for the Wooly one - Lady Sheep - I find her great in an autofaming team in Season 3 to help do the missions.

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I was just coming to ask this question, but thanks to the search function…

BUMP! :rofl:

Sooooo I was in love with Lady W until I got Mr. Bursti…I’m super torn here but think I like the Burst better than the Wool.


I think both. Congrats for having them :slight_smile:

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I always pair Woolerton with Poseidon, so she never block her mana. I wish I have 2 Wolly, because I have 2 Poseidon (but the 2nd is not maxed though)… :sweat_smile: :wink:

And I use Gullinbursti for another stack yellow… I currently leveling the 2nd Gullinbursti.


I was using Wool with Posi too, now I use her with Gazelle

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For 4 turns all allies except the caster: Gives immunity to new status effects.

That’s great, I do not have Gazelle, I did not know if she also can stop her mana block ailment.
But Gazelle is avarage (except maybe if we have mana troop lvl 23 or Class 20 with mana troop lvl 11 (not 8 tiles, but 9 tiles is significant factor and just like a faster heroes speed).
Good to know Wolly have another alternative pair :+1:

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