Pierce interaction with dodge

How does ranger’s / cobalt’s pierce interact with dodge buff?

Does it give a higher chance to bypass the dodge buff? Or dodge takes precedence?

depends on what dodge you refer to.

dodge buffs can be bypassed
rogue talent activates only on hit and can still negate the damage.

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If I Recall Correctly, Pierce is similar to dispel

Since Dodge buff can avoid dispel, I believe Dodge can avoid pierce

(📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks - #163 by DaveCozy)



Is there an advantage to bringing seshat or cobalt against c kad’s dodge buff?
Or is there no difference?

Will cobalts charge 3 hit through the dodge buff 100% of the time for eg?

So, I tested this and Cobalt CANNOT bypass the dodge given by Kad-C or Hanitra if they go off. No damage done either. Even at 3x charge


Thanks for testing that means that dogde is applied before bypass and therefore isnt triggered.

This means it is very much working like an uncleansable blind.


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