Pieces of eight needing 3 big members

Hello to all. We are a higher end alliance looking to add 3 big players who will be loyal. No mercs please. We dont have a trophy requirement that is insanely high. We would like members over 2000 trophies but we will work any one in who has at least 4 full teams for war or close to it.

Our top 10 players, including myself, hit the number one spot globally when ever we want to. We do it often. We usually win our wars 3/4 times and fill chests fairly quick. We just want to bring in 3 more heavy hitters to get us to 4/5 or even better war wins. Usually our war score per battle is close to 4500 points and every now and then we will score 5100-5300 points on an enemy.

As of now 18 of our 26 war participants chat regularly in line. We mainly just joke with one another and we are a very tight knit group. We have no issues with guys taking off on titan hits here and there. We could really care less if someone misses a titan off and on. We have leadership at the top that makes sure titans at 10* and under die. I can single handedly kill an entire 10* on my own. Lets just say our team has a lot of mats at any time. We kill whatever we want. We would like to get a few more hard hitters with war and titan depth. We would like to be able to kill 11* titans regularly with the occasional 12* while our lower 14 members continue to grow the depth on their benches. We do require all 6 war flags be used and we will not consider anyone joing that cannot score at least 150 points in war. You war participation needs to exceed the points people get from killing your team which is why 150 pts is required. Strong war hits are more important than trophy count.

We also put life first. Ive been with many teams that dont understand people have bad days and they ride you hard if you arent active. All we ask is for you to join our line chat and be active there. Just hang with the team and when life events happen just realize family and life come waaaaay ahead of this game. We want a serious player. We want you to hit war hard. finally we all just want to have a fun time and shoot the breeze.

Lastly, myself and a few others have bad days occasionally. When we have bad days we take it out on titans. We have been known to get 2 million or more on hits on a single titan and kill them before many can participate. Its not often but it does happen. Also know if you have a titan your weak against and its a ten star or less its usually not a problem. We will cover for you on the kill. You can get your hits in and still get loot. We kill them fairly easily.

Anyways, please let me know if you would like to join. I will run it by our 10 member voting squad.

Our alliance is pieces of eight. My screen name is dumb dum1

We also are very helpful with lesser members. We teach and guide in more ways than one can imagine. We coach on what mats to get. How to get them. When to save, when to use etc.

We help pick war teams when your low on heros. We help you to find the right opponent to attack and we even coach you how to get the kill. We coordinate to get weak flags high point cleanups and so much more. We are more than just an average alliance. Myself and many other team captains are there to help in every way.

Line id’s are magnus17, Mr.Steve, and Dumb Dum1

Let me know if anyone is interested in joining. We have 3 slots available.

Come join us on line and see if were a fit. If you have 4 good war teams and you can chat regulsrly about lif and joke around with us on line then you are what we want. Were building a family not a work environment.

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