Pick up where you left off in chat

Hi there,

First of all, thanks for the great game!

I’d like to suggest a feature for the chat though. Everytime I log in, I see the count of messages that were posted in the alliance’s chat but I have to manually scroll them to pick up where I left off.

It’d be super cool to have the chat show me the first unread message with a visual limit and a button to scroll down to last message if I’m not interested in unread messages.

I use Slack on an everyday basis and they got it right so that can be a helpful reference (see screenshot below).

Thanks in advance.

The system tells us how many new posts have been left in chat since we last visited, but go there and you are always sent to the bottom. Some times there are 50 posts that you need to read.

It would be nice if we were sent to the first post made since your last visit. It is much easier to scroll to the bottom than scroll up and try to find which post was the last that you read.


There is so much wrong with the in-game chat. There’s a reason many alliances use Line or Discord.

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