Pick Items that are in Loot Chests (Except Ascension Materials)

When we get a chest why cant we decide whats in it… i.e Mystic mushrooms etc.

You should be able to pick what you need most. ( except ascention materials ).

I need them mushrooms but they are few and far between.

Because its random. Always has been, always will be.


Just linking this related idea for reference:


That’s a great idea :laughing:

Vote it up :grin:

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Here is an idea both for the loot which creates the battle strengths.

Firstly SG sets up all the loot options into individual slots with a checkbox for each item.


  1. first option; 4* mats, it says “choose one” or maybe even 2
  2. 2nd option; 3* mats, same as above
  3. 3rd option; 1* mats, same as above

And so on for all other reward items.

So SG sets reward packages with say 8 rewards, 12 rewards, 12 rewards etc etc.
Each pack could cost you say for example 300 gems for an 8 pack reward, 500 gems a 10 pack reward.

The catch here is you don’t that reward, you instead get to fight a battle for it.
It could be a 3 or 4 or 5 stage battle decided by the package strengths meaning the stronger/better your choice of items the stronger/harder the battles.

This creates!

  1. an option for player to choose what they need.
  2. still had a random element towards it
  3. SG make something out of it with you actually have a definite gain from it
  4. you have fight to earn that reward so there is no easy element about it
  5. it’s achievable for free players to both save for and battle.

Just an idea for loot options

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