Pick a 5* to ascend

Farholme pass with a d.blade has just come around and I now have a difficult choice to make, which 5* to ascend?
I know you’re all going to want background on my roster before making a decision. I’m not going to list my 5* roster but I will say it’s mid/high tier. I don’t play top 100 alliance style and I play for fun. So which hero is the most fun to play with do you think or the most game changing?
Thanks all!

Lepiota has become my new favourite hero, but that’s because I love raiding.
Her or Miki will be the consensus I’m sure.


Titans are a priority for me. Thus I vote for Miki.

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Fun is subjective but I really like those heroes who beats someone with their own weapons. Mitsuko against blue is extremely funny when they pop themselves. Elradir against dot heroes when they kill themselves with the reflect.
Also lepiota, when you can just ghost whoever is annoying is really a satisfying moment.

Maybe grimble for dark, all those minion heroes everywhere and you can fire him, kill some minions and charge the other heroes.
Raffa was also kind of game changing for me, and of course miki for titans (if he’s not already enough for you at 3.70) same with ratta.

Garjammel, zocc, Devana, Thor and maybe some of the others are also great, but wouldn’t say game changing.

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Miki and Ranvir for titans. Lepiota looks fun too. Devana is IMO awesome, she dispells, her minion is so strong and she’s beast on minions wars (you can see resist resist resist resist)

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Miki, Rat, and Lepiota stand out to me. Depends on what you’re trying to go for. Lepiota is best for raids and war. Other two in other aspects.

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Thanks all - Lepiota was my initial thought as in my alliance 3.70 Miki and Rat are more than enough.
I’ll come back here to let you know my thoughts in the future

To me lepiota would definitively be the most fun hero of all of your choice and probably among the most fun currently and I don’t have her but I can mesure it’s fun potential.

After that I would said thor or elradir. Problem with elradir is that the meta is currently not so heavy focus on dot so he is more situational with regard to its fun part (but still very usefull overall)

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Game changer, especially titans — Miki

Fun — Rumpel!
1 decent skill
2 fantastic skills

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Those titan heroes (Miki, Ranvir, Rat) all do the same thing at 3.70 as they do at 4.80. They can wait.

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