Pick 2 and Why

As the title says pick two out of the following to ascend. Mainly looking for overall depth and potential improvement and synergy in my mono attacks.

I could also add Quintus and Costume, Domitia, Azlar or Khagan (or some dupes that I dont feel are worth it at this time as I am looking more for variety 2nd Lianna is tempting though).

My current Mono teams are (I have most 4* available and maxed as well):

My first thought is Tyr or Reuben. I like Tyr for his resurrect both talent, and special. I havent used Reuben enough to gain an opinion yet, but he has some promise.
Also, Noor is worth considering. Her minions can make some events a little easier and I appreciate the depth she provides.

For blue, I am not sure if I should go Magni for a Sniper, or Misandra or Glenda. Raff, seems to have taken a permanent back seat.

Green is also tough because I have heard great things about Kadilen costume, I’m just not sure how her synergy fits with my team. I would assume she would replace Zocc. But Atomos is also a decent option to consider.

At this time I only have 2 damascus blades, thus the pick two.


Costumed Kadilen (dodge is amazing) and Costumed Domitia (she’s really a hidden gem and is versatile for cleanse or dispel) is where I’d go. If you wanted blue it seems you need a sniper, so Magni or Misandra would get the nod.

Nice thoughts. Do you think Kadilen should replace Zocc? or maybe someone else?

I wish I had Domitia’s costume. The only costume I have not worked on is Quintus.

I’d choose Magni and c.Kadilen.

  • MAGNI because you don’t have a blue sniper. Misandra is a bit weak and too random.

  • C. Kadilen because her costume is one of the best. Regarding synergy, take into account that you have Buddy and Almur, who cause defense down and elemental defense down. A AoE hit with those ailments is really powerful.
    However, Atomos could be great as well as he has the same mana speed as Buddy. C. Kadilen usually would charge first (depending on the troops), so you should wait for the defense down.

The purple heroes you have could wait a bit more and regarding red, you already have Marjana as a sniper.

Hope I could’ve helped you.

Edit: Almur is fast.

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Costume Kad is the top priority, Absolutely replace Zocc with her in just about every opportunity.

The next one is tougher. Tyr is probably the best attacker but your red team is loaded. I might recommend Raffael because MN is youtr only 5 star healer. He’s really a solid healer.


This is a great help. It seems like Kadilen is worth the tonics. Would I need to even level her base? My Druid emblems are used on Zim and currently going to Gazelle.

I do have Ariel in blue already which is why he dropped lower in the queue. He does well in a second blue team with a whole host of 4*s

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Ah, yeah Ariel is a healing goddess.

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I’d level the base as well, but focus first on the costume. Sooner or later, you’ll get the emblems. They aren’t so unusual.


Id go costume kad and tyr as they both really good offence and defense.
Also @Silencio almur is fast mana.
Edit troops you put into the answer my bad.


You’re right. I’ve got him and I don’t know why I thought he was average.:man_facepalming:t4:

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Almur and Lianna are a lethal one two punch, then usually Zocc and Buddy charge the next turn to keep opponents weak.

I like the idea of Tyr or Magni for my other ascension.

Does anyone have anything good about Glenda or Reuben?


. . .

  1. C. Kadilen

  2. Magni because you need a blue sniper

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