(PIC) Anchor's First Day - A Love Story in Time

This was the Facebook conversation between @Anchor and myself when he was looking to join Departed. Dat baby Hel is so cute :blush:


So cute :wink::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:
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I thought Sir.Anchor was the start of 7D! As he used to be leader.
I think I was wrong then.

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avicious is the real founder from 7dd :slight_smile:


@Avicious is our supreme overlord. The founder of 7DD and in turn, the entire 7D family :slight_smile:


I’m just a minion being directed by a force greater than I… Steven Spielberg


Oh how sweet! :hugs:
That brings up memories of long ago…

By the way, @Avicious , thank you very much for your beginners guide on Youtube! It helped me a lot when I was starting out. :hugs:

I really appreciate all the help and support that the members of the 7D family have given to the community.

To my mind, @Anchor’s departure marks the end of an era. Give him all my best wishes please. :hugs:

If you see @Revelate , please give him my best wishes, too.

I am gone from the game. So are a number of people that I used to play with. But we do have fond memories of the lovely community and the great people who helped and advised us.

Thank you. :hugs:


As always, you are so very kind @AnjaValkyrie . When I see them, I will pass it along :hugs:

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Makes me sad… it feels like the beginning of the end of an era…
Thank goodness @Avicious and @Xero786 are still with us here…

I miss @Revelate on the forum - he was a voice of reason.

Thanks to all 7DD players for what they have contributed to the game and the forum. It wouldn’t be the same without you guys


Would you tell us the stories of how Anchor becoming a leader of 7DD?

Really love to hear more stories about him in 7DD, the up and downs… Because, Anchor is my idol :blush:

Thanks Avi

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yo avi my allaince is a strong supporter of 7dd crystal palace, the originals. from all of us at Asguard we are deeply sorrowed by this news and hate tonsee such a outstanding member of our game leave. this is very nice of you. if there is anything that can bring anchor back SG make that happen

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Hey, I have an idea how to reward all Anchors good work. As we have always supported SG in buying gems etc…why wouldnt SG make an “Anchor offer” and all withdrawed money donated by us “gamers” would be given to him.


Agree. I support this idea :blush:

im all for it. if there is a way to show the man that the community cares more than it frowns we would totally support any fund raiser or donations needed to help bring anchor back. Tired of seeing good people leave for the wrong reasons.


@Anchor departed - 20 tears

Thanks @Avicious to share this page.
Thanks @Anchor (and his cute daughter) for all videos, informations, tips …

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@AnjaValkyrie - you still owe me many beers from your tower. I think you took more than you left. :wink:



ooops …
Yeah, German people do like to drink beer …
whistles innocently :wink:

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