☆PHX☆ StrongHold My Beer! 🍻 Recruiting for 14* titan killers & war assassins

Freckles dipped into the costume chamber early this month :smiley_cat: He wanted to be appropriately dressed while inviting you over!

Spots available, stop by if you’re interested :beer: LINE bo-33 or Discord StrongHold My Beer!


When’s the perfect time for a beer? With your new alliance mates at StrongHold My Beer during the next 11 hours of matchmaking! One spot open now & possibly a 2nd before matchmaking ends :beer:

Snoopy is old enough to know the way through the woods to ☆PHX☆ StrongHold My Beer! We’re recruiting for a couple open spots :beers::+1:LINE bo-33 or hit up our Discord if interested

Are you feeling a little disappointed at the top of your tree? Penny invites you to jump into the action at ☆PHX☆ StrongHold My Beer!

LINE Bo-33 or join our Discord. Spots are open now :beer: :grin:

This is a quality group and good people along with being good players

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Taylor is here to let you know that SMB still has a couple spots open :dog: Come on over and meet a great international group of folks :cowboy_hat_face:

LINE bo-33 or hit up our Discord StrongHold My Beer!

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