☆PHX☆ StrongHold My Beer! 🍻 Recruiting for 14* titan killers & War Assassins

It’s never about the beer, it’s about you strongholding it!

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One spot left :grinning: Fun international alliance. Get to know us at https://discord.gg/eZzAmm8

Awesome alliance! More like a family. Great group of people, and definitely a fun place to be.

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Rush attack to get in! Beers end up quite fast!

Wanna have fun and be a bit more competitive? I assure you, we have some fun tough wars!

We’re bringing out the top recruiters! Honey & Skippy want you to know that with 6 spots open, we’ve got room for you & some buddies :grin:

Join a fun group at StrongHold My Beer!

We have three spots left :cowboy_hat_face: Matilda the Hun has her war suit on in time for the next battle :crossed_swords: Come have a beer with us in Discord if you’re looking for a new home full of friendly and active folks

Now only 2 left, hurry!

Skippy has dressed up for this special occasion of inviting you to The Stronghold! :smiley: This is a great group from all over with a bit of room for your buddies too!

Now part of the Phoenix family! We’ve got a few spots left for 14* Titan killers and war assassins. We’re a bunch of friendly folks from all over the world :cowboy_hat_face: Recruiting is open at LINE bo-33 or on our Discord at StrongHold My Beer!

Three spots left, friendly folks, and we have beer! :beer: :beer: :beer:

14* Titans, nice folks from around the world, competitive in events & Mythics, we’ve got a few spots left :grin:


Matilda the Hun has her Halloween greeting costume on to welcome you to StrongHold My Beer :beer:

GQ is beckoning you over to ☆PHX☆ StrongHold My Beer. We’re likely to have a couple openings soon :smiley_cat:

3+ hrs left before matchmaking. We’ll have one spot available. Let us know at LINE bo-33 or Discord if you’re ready to make the jump :grin:

Looking for friendly folks with top dog plans? Fritz invites you to chat us up about joining over a beer :beer: :cowboy_hat_face:

:star2: LINE chat with bo-33

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Fantastic alliance, and now part of a fantastic alliance family (main alliance currently #23 globally).

Just great people and tons of fun. I mean, just look at thise pets!

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Bandit is looking to share his loot with a few more players :beer:

11ish hours to matchmaking. We’re killing 14* Titans, strategizing wars, and having fun. Two spots open for you and a buddy :smiley_cat:

Time for a change? Sandy’s here with a beachside pitch for StrongHold My Beer. Great folks, competitive play, and part of the Phoenix family! We’ll have a couple openings soon, so come say hi & reserve your spot :grin:

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