[Photos] Mysterious lights on map, Atlantis- Update Only during Atlantis Rising

[Photos] Mysterious lights on map, Atlantis.

Gryphonkit, my wife, wants to know what are this mysterious sun reflections on the Atlantis map. Atlantis world map and provinces 19 & 24.

just to be sure she checked Morse Code and International Shipping codes.

personally I think it is undead marauders, undead captains and Atlantean Drones fighting over mystic rings and gems from wrecks of treasure ships.

The sun reflections only appear during Atlantis Rising.

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That’s where all the oak island treasure is actually hidden!!

You both missed some lights between province 3 and 4 as well :stuck_out_tongue: am sure there others as well
Rumour says if you looked at them for 2 minutes 15 seconds you will get a rainbow aife

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You are right!

They are all over the map if you zoom in.

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